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Soft Reset Goes Hard on 5/19


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Every 100 year’s a HARD reset - black plague, cholera, spanish flu and now covid. 3/11 was a worldwide exercise to provide cover for governments to publicly prepare, getting FEMA and the military in place without alarm. Pompeo said it live during the 3/11 white house press conference "this is a live exercise" Not one eye batted. They have been at this shit for centuries and have gotten really good at it.


How would I know any of this? If you know reality is scripted, and you saw how it was done previously for 911, 415, 311. example; Hawaii missile alert 113,311 Fukashima - Boston bombing 415,415 Notre Dame fire. It’s as simple as seeing the numbers they program in movies and TV - dialog, address's, clocks/watches, tag #’s, tail #’s, signage and obvious hidden in plain sight stuff. -coincidences- I have been seeing the 159's for awhile now.


I think the 159's are the ending of the 911 spell, from 9/11/01 to 5/19/21 is 19y 8m 8d's. (clock face/clockwise) 9:11+8:08=5:19. Each 8 represents the solar / lunar analemma's (shaped like an 8) that cross path's during the 5/26 total lunar eclipse blood moon. finis temporis - 88 outatime. They time their spell's to allign with significant astrological's. 88 symbolism


America has too many guns for a succesfull NWO invasion so they will divide and conquer. This attack will take all 3 U.S. power grids offline for a 6 month contingency. Bombing us back to the stone age and starting a staged, prefabed civil war in America. This 5/19 FF is being programmed as an asteroid impact off of the west coast causing the "San Andreas" type earthquake / tsunami. There's a storm is coming.


Currently flooding the southern border states with people from the south, emptying prisons, along with the Chaimera's that will be released from the DUMB's they are stacking the deck. America-down 1/4. biden said the quiet parts out loud, Dark Winter, Directive 51 to Build Back Better. Build Back? What .. Remember when the NWO takeover was a conspiracy theory? They aren't hiding anything presently, SCARY.


This is not gematria, not a dream I had. If you know what to look for it's hiding in plain sight. It's predictive programming, they mock us! They have had great success with these 3 digit spells, and credibly boast of nothing being able to stop the storm, nothing.


Am I the only one noticing the Economist World in 2021 cover slot machine? 4 wheels, 3 spinning, 2nd wheel stopped. Showing a bomb, An American president, splitting America, tick tock 5/19 tick tock. Those benevolent Rothchilds.


check these lyrics out - R.E.M - It's The End Of The World As We Know It – "That's great, it starts with an earthquake, in a government for hire and a combat site, Team by team reporters baffled, trump tethered crop, Left of west and coming in a hurry, Continental drift divide, Mountains sit in a line” -------- Me, I don’t feel fine. I think band's we hear have been read in.


Quick ex; Check out the "Cruella" trailer, Look at the numbers on the red bus that passes by as she gets out of the car, 159. It's as simple as that. Most recent family guy episode showed 3 different clock's, 1 oclock, 5 oclock and 9 oclock. -coincidences- Posted this on twitter last week and got locked and booted quickly. I think this chicken little may be onto something? God Bless us all!


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15 hours ago, hueman.being19 said:



I think the 159's are the ending of the 911 spell, from 9/11/01 to 5/19/21 is 19y 8m 8d's. (clock face/clockwise) 9:11+8:08=5:19.


If you are correct you and me are hitting the Vegas strip for one final blast, Rainman.  


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