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NATIVE AMERICANS, their tribes & dialects, & cultures

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I like indigenous peoples... Overall, none were more standout in vibrational energy and deep connectedness to the Earth than the various tribes of that continent each tribe unique I believe all with curious spiritual beliefs and famous by their cultural heritage AND hard fought legacy to survive (persecution) more than did North American Indians. (in my estimation) 


I will watch more videos like this one once friendlier time is back on my side. 

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Oops, I said "more than" twice, so on the second or last, it should read (reiterating) "NON MORE THAN DID North Americans [did] do. "

There,🙂 that should read a bit better on the double configuration etc.



Well I could talk about how great they were for some time. I am no expert on them but am keen to be better informed as I have been wanting for a long time!! ..

However its gladly so I think they 'speak' (talking on youtube included apparently, hehe) for themselves quite effectively right? Especially with the image they evoke coming right out of the Earth as they knew/know best how to demonstrate the virtues of etc.. 😌 


>>> Humbly outspoken 🧑‍🎤  was this woman but outspoken is outspoken anyway, despite feeling nervous, but good!! Check this occasion in  history>>>

So I mean since I heard a great story on radio this year (looking back in history) about one indian or mixed race(?) indian woman (old now) in modern times who began a campaign against racism in the film industry, encouraged at an oscar sort of night or similar in New York[??] easily pre-dating 2000 sometime, with the backing of a famous movie star behind her making the suggestion she speak up AND SHE DID.  

Some jeered in the audience but SOME APPLAUDED I think is true!! 👏



(I will remember to put whom both were later as it comes back to me...along with the tribe she belongs)  

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Got sight of this in my TED

noitifier digest recently.. 




Another speaker below also looks interesting on climate change mixed in with indigenous  wisdoms}}  






Incidently for anyone not aware, **its free access all over TED**, (all except some special invite only group meeting or somesuch) 

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A drama recording, created in and of old pioneer america... 1hr 30 mins or so...

Radio premiere of Susan Glaspell's 1921 play explores nationalism, the erosion of fundamental American rights and freedom of speech.



By Susan Caspell.



A FEW OF MY COMMENTS  (I did write more but this is plenty if i aim not to spoil it) 😉... So...  By me TetraG the following to introduce you somehow:-


If you're "pro" native peoples as I am, don't worry, do not at all be put off by a little of the wording or language near the start [06.30] to do with how said a mention of native americans (& how they were persecutedly viewed) used to be used and from the negative, since all that was in history included harsh phrases we have to accept was the reality... wherever & however bloodthirsty battle commenced... and meaning by land seized from American Natives (unfortunately)..... but alas *in this play* what we get to hear is a treat for the senses (as that harsh reminder comes to pass near the start, so fear not) ...


And soon therein we start to realize quite quickly who characters each are and their inalienable (by themselves) yet challenged roles as if born to ensue upon it, whatever makes a character come to life in bringing out any traits.


A well capable drama, with quite a fervent dialogue in places, realistic script and also capacity for thoughtful onlooks, so, not least its' intellect, making it** very very listenable**


Opening Scene begins year 1879 and sort of sets the tone culturally and politically of things to consider given those days.... 


 And well anyway, even "barr that" should that not entice you enough you come into a good story, a play within which as it says in the intro is Susan Glaspells most overtly political plays.



It is not too long into it til greater perspective/more action (&intellect) weighs into the story... to lend a helping hand to the emotions manifested by any human interplay, of course coming into the narrative wherever opinions or objectives come avail, but deliver capacity for thought too, all helping build an atmospheric AND realistic picture of audioplay in among the fine set of realistic characters putting flesh on the bones in good performances by all...


AGAIN, MUST BE NOTED OPENING SCENE AT START BEGINS IN 1879,  then shifts onto 1920's.. 


Radio premiere of Susan Glaspell's 1921 play explores nationalism, the erosion of fundamental American rights and freedom of speech.


... Enjoy... I sure took to it... 

Aired today on Radio3 this Sunday June 13th on this UK station but globablly accessible station in many countries, I presume likely.




10 years after making Inheritors (going onto doong whatever else I don't know) and she was still only second woman in drama to receive Pulitzer Award!!  Her only notable/, significant accolade?  (anyway she was ultimately considered important,, but it seems more so after her death.)


Susan Caspell died in 1948. 

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You heard him right... Man is basicly NOT GOOD. 


Well its in your hands people, whether you like yourself or not and the modernistic world always cunningly being remastered by NWO to fool human folk both good and bad... 


And just because people come about truth or go looking for truth, it does not make all heaven breathe life. Yes it may give us something to hold onto but furthermore can overwhelm us in over satiation and making it difficult to know what to believe or which path may bring joy or which one sorrow.... We ONLY WISH for heaven to breathe life... But will we live to see what ever that is (either by individual merits OR via the masses) ???..... Well... NOT that you or I should ignore what is true in all that is (because conquering bad depends on the many) ...NOR cease to playfully experiment in good faith (AS LONG AS IT HARMS NONE) about WHO you are... Or as Jim Carrey actor may say, "there is no you!".. (hmmm.. Currently I have not viewed that video yet of this actor turned maybe real life philosopher or whatever- but sounds alright I guess)  


Back onto Navajo, videos you may opt to see, in another video, Wally, (his name), talks some about monsters in one (things that bedevil man or limits ones passage thru this life), even about gossip and rumour killlng society in another video... Also a video of his possible to recommend is about Negativity & Positivity... 


Someone told me once on David Icke,  positive and negative are a construct of the matrix, well, I could see the point of the unnamed, but to me they was talking like all they ever thought about was the matrix or orwellian systems... Yet I ask you sometimes, take a step back, and see that NATURE is ever more benign than mankind ever will be in some circles. No, not secret societies necessarily, just any circle by which all people potentially have the ability to overlap or influence others... (errr,  why yes, *positively*,  glad you're up on that -  *wink*) 


Positive + Negative again... 



Would it matter if I put left shoe on right foot and right shoe on left foot?  There would be then a natural law of positive verses negative. The contour of my root has to follow the contour of the shoe. A simple truth. 


Stay good, follow your truth until the next positive... 

No artifice in man, only simple respect... 

Navajo Wally says we have no word for honor,  but do have word for respect. 





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Bill Gates and Ted Turner stealing Indigenous land! 


I'd rather watch 10 hours of Russell Brand than be 10 minutes on forums where people here don't see anything in the man. I am aware threads dissing RB exist here....In advance I suggest leave it if you've nothing positive to add. Sick of seeing deogatory stuff.

Whtever your personal view of him... What 'trumps' that in my book is Russell Brand is articulate in a way that inspires which I just don't feel on DI a lot of the time where everything is always on a down swing...


Sooo please.. If you have something negative to say,  please save if for another thread. Thankyou in advance. 


Thumbs up to Russell Brand!! 👍👍👍

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Today ladies and gentlemen..... I am suggesting & introducing a "sort of" interweaving idea for this thread to intercede on this one actually (since why not - & assuming that's alright with SuperstarNeilC)) so.... as it goes to have any Native Indian language engage here, multi mixed...
and no matter whom or what your own culture is that still leads you here from which you personally come from.... I am not Native Indian, I just have a common (or uncommon?) interest in this stuff generally......

So.....My observation knows (as is obvious) thread here has been left in a rigamortis state though, so I guess it would be hard to know if anyone might care anyway..... Still it is what it is if anybody cares to use it and learn, as a sort of resource...

For anyone wishing to find wisdom in North American Indian Native Original Cultures, simply by paying attention to this thread, as got started by SuperstarNeilC all that time ago back in May 2021.... and btw, I was here too back then, just not everyone knows that yet, haha...

Anyway that is what seems the simplest thing to do is to continue with this thread....

(ie, my idea leads me to say of course having thought about it we can't for practical reasons go having an individual thread for every Indian Dialect or Tribe I figure, then still fine, okay, just dip in here and swan around here...).


Okay so being that on YT today (and at anytime really) I was refreshing my interest in all their ways, this time it was finding out how Cherokee's are helping keeping their language alive..... Here is a link I came across at the end of watching a YT video...





But not limited to Navajo or Cherokee, one can add to this thread, any other Native Indian language and culture themed subject as they please, so be it that's what they wish and have genuine interest....General curiousity people happening upon this thread are equally just as welcome actually! Enjoy!...

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A quite moving video about the Lakota, as just one tribe put under house arrest effectively via reservation containment as anyone with half a brain will know, anyways-- good to be reminded how they cling on, as here offered in this video some insight into what becomes of a marginalized Indian people treated like a foreigner in their own land.... such as shown (or at least outlined) in this Lakota video....
Also however~ never forgetting how things can be sustained with the right intervention for better prosperity. hopes. opportunities for such people...


Mirroring what is said in this video...}}

When a people SEEM to have room for dying but don't have room for living, THAT is a problem...



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  • Bombadil changed the title to NATIVE AMERICANS, their tribes & dialects, & cultures
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One of my wife's ancestors was actually killed at 'The battle of the little Bighorn' in June 1876! He wasn't even in the Cavalry, he was actually camping in the field next door and went over to ask them to keep the noise down🤫, the rest, as they say, is history!🥴 

This reminds me of King Harold at the battle of Hastings in 1066 who gave one of his archers a bollocking for waving his Longbow about, Harold said 'Watch what you're doing with that bow you Pillock, you could have some fucker's eye out with that'!🥴 The rest, as they say, is history!

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https://zentasia.com/18-native-american-creation-stories-that-will-expand-your-mind/  🪶

https://zentasia.com/33-native-american-life-lessons-that-will-transform-your-life/  🪶



The power of timeless Native American tales (wording from Zentasia.com)

May the power of these timeless tales resonate within you. May their wisdom awaken your inner spirit and bring you closer to the divine harmony of the universe. Remember that these stories are not just tales from the past, but messages from the cosmos that can guide us on our journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Embrace their teachings and allow them to transform you from within. With open hearts and minds, let us continue on this journey of cosmic connection and spiritual awakening.

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For interest in anyway evident, I now exhibit two fairly random videos......as a test in a sort of critical observation (or learning curve actually) where contrasting notable energy fields of sound frequencies are produced & experienced by how each song is occuring or meant to be by however the intention, in other words what are you hearing that is different than the last or next track you will hear... Feel free to explore, on your own or by help of my suggestions...

So let's now by comparing two very different tempo's in Native American Beat see how these beats make us feel and appreciate the contrast...
So...... point is, if you want a medium range <> *stabilizing beat*, look no further than the first one, which altho not slow is relatively slower compared to the DOUBLE BEAT other one to follow I am comparing it with after the first, which is the point of this 2 video exercize, to test if you like how a faster beat can still sound good basicly, especially with vocals an intrinsic part of the song featuring simultaneously as is natural to want to sing along in any song....

In the amateur study of this, I would like to view (and see the relationship of) how this enables an interesting realization in how different mid-temp or up-tempo beats can strongly alter your vibration in either direction, depending of course on what you are listening to... 

Please be aware second video, may ascend your vibration significantly, just be ready for it!

(don't worry however, it is IMO a pleasure to hear once you are ready...)

As those in the know will know the customary Native song will bring in much use of heightening vocal projection, this is very apparent in a video like in the second...
[whereas the first video is by comparison more neutral in tone velocity/ elocution, so to speak.]


What is the point contrasting?.... Well...

For example, ask yourself, in this day, do you want calm or uplifting?... Where do you need your "mood" to be shifted onto? How does your spirit respond?.... Or what mood do you wish upon yourself today? It is a simple enough question, but how to appreciate and discern which beats can best offer what you may require takes a little practice to observe but a little diligence as with anything in life can be worth the while.... anyway Enjoy Both !!! Yes indeed each has it's place no doubt. 

Without further a dingo or flamingo, just hear and make auditory note of the contrasts for yourselves.... Pick up on how the drum beats affect your mood!  (not least vocally the come together is of good quality in both videos too) 



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Flashback TEN YEARS to a FlashMob of 2013..... Here a piece to end the event it appears for this game (or "music segment" for musical snobs. j/k) whereat they be at the All American NDN Basketball Invitational, by which I WOULD GO just to hear these guys!! haha!! 🤩🫴


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Why do parents got to bury their kids, not caring whilst we text n drive... not caring how scary it is, why it's so hard to forgive, and leave the past behind, and if you did that's divine.... WHY don't you help your brother when you see him fall, WHY do we act like God don't see it all !! "


Not the first time I have listened to this, but IS the first time-> (since my trip into this music all this year) -> I have mastered the mini sound mantra, my mimic of it sounding better now! >>


Hi-Ya-Wonnah-Na-Hoh-Way-Yeh --- Hi-Ya-Wonnah-Hah-Way-Neh--Yoh-Wah --- Yay got it !


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