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Analysis of MERS, SARS and SARS CoV Timelines


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I pulled up timelines for MERS, SARS and SARS CoV-2 to compare how fast Medical institutions responded.  It has lead me to believe China knew in advance that their Gain of Function virus had escaped the lab and they were dealing with a huge problem.  I will summarize response times here and paste the full timelines below.


MERS:  April 2012 people begin dying.  Two months later MERS is identified. Another 3 months passes before the world knows about it.


SARS:  November 2002 people get sick and begin dying.  April 2003 (5 months later) SARS is identified.


SARS CoV-2:  Not a single death occurred before China CDC notified USA CDC on 3 Jan 2020 of a new and deadly virus.  Two days later (5 Jan) they 'discover' exactly what the gene sequence was when the mortality rate was 0%.  A week later (11 Jan) they published the genome.  After the genome is published and alarms bells rang the first patient dies of pneumonia.   


Utterly impossible to sound the alarm of a DEADLY VIRUS before a single death occured UNLESS it was a lab leak!  












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