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What Is This "THE MAGIC OF THE MARK" Business Happening At UK Masonic Lodges?

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Trying to figure this out ....


As we know there are various "Degrees" in Masonry ...The lowest 3 degrees are 'Entered ' ... 'Fellowcraft' ...'Apprentice'  ... there are 33 acknowledged degrees ... So 33 is top dog ... called 'Inspector General Honorary'


Now there appears to be  a new degree called "Mark" ... I've never known this to happen before! 

The way it's being openly promoted suggests it's available to all masons , which is not true for the normal degrees,  for those you are promoted up the degrees by your superiors decision  ...

So perhaps a 1st degree mason or a 31st degree mason could both chose to take the Mark initiation then they would be 1st degree with mark and 31st degree with mark ...


What is the Mark??? Those with active imaginations might think it was the Mark of the Beast ...and the  freemasons want to be the first to be Marked to curry favor with the Antichrist soon to arrive! 


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58 minutes ago, HistoryIsComplex said:

I've seen this 'Magic Of The Mark' thing a few times online:










What does this have to do with Covid? 🤔


In fact I've asked both of you @HistoryIsComplex and @oz93666 to stop posting in bold text, and you've both ignored my warning.

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Just now, Grumpy Owl said:


What does this have to do with Covid? 🤔


In fact I've asked both of you @HistoryIsComplex and @oz93666 to stop posting in bold text, and you've both ignored my warning.


I really can't see the objection to using bold text or larger size text (in moderation) ... I would say most of my posts use neither .


It is a facility offered by this forum , presumably for the patrons to make use of , as is colored text and posting images , all of this can make this place more interesting ...


When I use any of it , it will have a purpose... for example the large text in my post above was the essence of the post , in answer to the question in the title "What is the Mark?" ... so those who don't have time to read all that post, will drawn to those 2 lines .... the whole thing is bold because I rate the question raised  as quiet an important issue ...


However I do understand excessive use of bold or large text can be annoying ... I will only use it sparingly  



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18 minutes ago, HistoryIsComplex said:

I posted this here because it may be relevant to NWO/New World Order.


Mark Of The Beast/Revelations/NWO.


We have a forum board for "Religion/Secret Societies"


And there is already a topic for Freemasonry:

Sorry, but I'm just getting a little tired of people either starting new topics in the wrong area, or starting a new topic when there is an existing one that could be added to.

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