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Wearing Anti Covid/vaccine t-shirts/badges?

Vic Sage

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Just wondering has anyone here worn anything showing their anti-covid/vaccine stand out in public, outside of a protest? I remember when masks were in force in supermarkets middle of last year I felt I stood out just by not wearing one (got an exception badge off Amazon, ironically) and got a few suspicious looks, although with the vaccine rollouts more people seem to be going around maskless without being challenged.

I've worn a biohazard t-shirt, but that's pretty meaningless, I'm sure plenty of people who believe in covid might still wear one to be edgy or ironic. Other than that, when I've been out and about in London, I've had my copy of Phantom Self on display, hoping to strike up a conversation on public transport or elsewhere, to no avail.


Back to the point, has anyone here been out in public wearing a shirt or badge with a slogan questioning the official narrative? I'm wondering if both (a) it's worth blatantly advertising one's stance, or just covertly continuing with non-compliance such as not masking up and avoiding the jab, and (b) if wearing a t-shirt or badge (outside of a march/protest where there's safety in numbers) is setting yourself as a target and not only perhaps liable to repercussions later when people know you're a non-complier, but also making you potentially open to verbal attacks from random people, or those who've recently lost relatives, etc.


Maybe something more subtle like a small badge with a syringe with an X over it, or better yet something abstract/symbolic or an acronym. Although, thanks to the internet, any such logo could become common knowledge to the general public. 


(As an aside, there've been times bus drivers have refused to open their doors until I've shown them my exemption badge, so it shows how easily members of the public can make life difficult for nonconformists because they think they're doing the right thing.)

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I wore a "They are lying to you" t shirt,as well as a "I ain't afraid of no hoax".....not a titter ..(no pun intended). Hoping to strike up conversations, sadly whilst I felt empowered wearing these slogans, I may as well been naked....bet they wouldn't notice that either. Lol ...


Only one guy lip read my hoax t shirt, and quietly said "fackin hell"...

To which I replied they don't you know.... LOL

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Sometimes it is best to bring in a subject from the side instead of head on.

Rather than saying anything anti-shot remind the audience of the past events.

"No flies on me. Government sprayed us with DDT"

"9 out of 10 Dr's recommended menthol cigarettes for people with soar throat "


There are so many notable examples 


Weapons of Mass Destruction,  (covid needles)

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Thank you for posting this!


Wearing a mask made me feel like I couldn't breathe, and symptoms like feeling hot, heart palpitations ..... 


I've got an exception card as well. 


I remember how it started.  


I remember, when some stranger angrily shouted at me in a store. His toxic energy gave me headache. Another one was screaming at people in the queue for not keeping distance from him. I've seen a lot of changes. It's like being in a different world. 

In fact, I felt much better with animals (feeding birds, squirrels ....) than with people. 


P. S. Animals can help release positive hormones that help decrease stress, anxiety, and depression levels.

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