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Could this be the terrifying real truth about the Covid virus?


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On 5/8/2021 at 10:13 AM, AfanofDavid said:

Is China practising biological warfare against the West?





Other facts:  Fauci directed funding to the Wuhan Lab 2014-2019 for Gain of Function research.  That Lab was screwing with Bat coronaviruses.  The wet market that was blamed was later CLEARED.  2017 China stated it was developing Ethnic Bio weapons.  Look at mortality rate by country:  All South East Asian countries have extremely low mortality rates.  


The fact this isn't being discussed means the CIA knows and is part of it.  Our own country is part of it.  We are being destroyed by powers from all sides.  


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I am a Malaysian that grew up in Thailand, so I can speak on this side for Southeast Asia.


For Thailand..


The totalitarian tip toe is real in this region. You get charged 20,000 baht ($638 USD) if you don't wear a mask. We have had lockdowns and curfews and fines if we broke the curfew. Recently although lockdown measures have been lifted, restaurants are not aloud to serve customers directly and have to close after 10pm. Most food can only be ordered through one of the online iPhone apps, which is encouraging cashless payments using these apps.

Some Starbucks stores nearby went cashless and do not accept cash.


In some shopping complex, your picture gets taken by video or photograph by a video screen which you have to register your name or use an app to enter these facilities or they will basically not let you in.


In Malaysia, you are encouraged to register for these vaccination programs, but if you cancel the contract you will have to pay a hefty fine.


The level of knowledge is really low about these stuff in this region and I am worried on the effects of this fake vaccine. I have warned a lot of people about what is going on without much of a response. They all want to take the vaccine.


Hence may explain the low mortality rate, because most people just comply with what they are being told without much questioning.

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On 5/9/2021 at 12:13 AM, AfanofDavid said:

Is China practising biological warfare against the West?


I believe the story on the following link might be the real truth about the Covid virus, and would be interested to hear what other members have to say about this...





If it's released in the mainstream news. It may be just the media trying to stir up something for an excuse for a potential third world war.

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