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Beginning Of The Land Grab Is Here

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So I saw this on a property forum today. Apart from being utterly ludicrous, I feel this is the beginning of the land grab. First they make it near impossible to make a living from rental property, then they impose the most ridiculous rules, bit by bit. Now we have 'breathing spaces' as part of the reason someone can decide not to pay the rent, leaving the landlord no option but to try and evict, which racks up massive debt and charges. IF they manage to get possession of the property via the legal route ( much more difficult now) or they will seek to try and sell, assuming there is a market thats not in utter chaos.

Then, in will ride the all seeing government to 'save' you by allowing debt forgiveness in return for a basic universal income in return for total control via jabs.

Couple this with the end of the stamp duty extension, fun times ahead for anyone with a mortgage.



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