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The COVID Effect: Lost Intellect

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I shouldn't need to provide numerous headlines covering the lopsided COVID affair. We already know what they are; propaganda supporting BIG Pharma and UN/government narratives.  Opposing views FROM PROFESSIONALS are immediately hounded and shut down.  Everything from Fauci funding Gain of Function research at the WUHAN lab, how they war gamed it, to the Wet Market lie, to mRNA shots are harmless so shut up and take the jab, and the Nuremberg Code does not apply!  Censoring FACTS and OPINION.  


When only one side is permitted to speak TRANSPARENCY dies.  Full Informed CONSENT means knowing ALL information.  Not dumbed down one-sided propaganda points intended for socially compliant fools.  


Conspiracies are born in the face of absolutism.  Each one valid until fully and freely vetted.  


What I am seeing in the world today is something out of fiction, a Twilight Zone episode about humans handing back the gift of intellect to Aliens, who take it and fly away... as humans slowly devolve back into the apehood from whence we came, Intellect too powerful a prize as humans foam at the mouth roaming in herds of rabid mob rule.


How else can you explain the madness?  





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A post COVID world is going to create a damaged and misinformed society that is fragmented by differences in social views and beliefs. It's a really scary outlook on life that I see our culture being manipulated by the corrupt few who have created a new normal under the regime of a global pandemic. 


As the WHO first stated in March 2020 "the release of COVID19 can be "characterised" as a global pandemic." Implying that the world is succeptable to a global order of control and potentially a single world police state.


I do believe we are witnessing this true potential of the authoritive few who have control over the world's finances and who govern the central institutions in which we have to trust for our information and rules and regulations regarding the civilian population. 

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