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U.S. Criminal Pyramid: 320 million citizens living in fear

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I put this together after an hour or two of searching stats online.  Incarceration is big business in the Land of the Free, Home of the Incarcerated.  The system is so large that despite 2.4 million inmates there is prison overcrowding. Overcrowding either leads to early release or building more prisons requiring more incarceration infrastructure.


The system REQUIRES INMATES to survive.  It baits citizens with numerous laws and makes arrests to justify operating the courts and keeping prisons over capacity.  The system FEEDS on citizens.  Practically everything is criminalized.  Congress passes more laws and regulations today than it did in the past making the United States a citizen's worst nightmare.  


10 million citizens are arrested each year.  With each arrest the persons DNA is entered into the CODIS data base.  Any arrest.  Refusing to submit DNA is a crime and a year in jail.  Millions upon millions of citizens have DNA on file with DOJ.


Land of the Free, Home of the Incarcerated.  Not my idea of FREEDOM.







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CORRECTION:  I stated 'any arrest is a DNA swab.." when actually it varies state to state.  Point being the SUPREME COURT ruled that being arrested was enough.  Not all states have adopted it.  

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