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Watch out for the climate show

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To add insult to braindead injury the mainstream media have announced: The Climate Show, to be broadcast everynight for 3 hours.

That's right ,3 hours of non stop icebergs crumbling, paid actors running around crying over damaged crops wailing about how we are killing the planet. And of course the usual scientfic experts who have links to the gates foundation warning of global tragedy starvation and billions dying.

Then the massive increases in taxes to fund the many emergency measures needed, to be announced by the grinning polititians.

Next time you get your increased council tax bill, prices go up in the shops, the new carbon tax, you know who to thank.

This comes on top of recently increasing council tax by forty percent and bringing in a ton of new stealth taxes, which gives the scheming polititians ideas on how to divert all of this money they have scammed into their own pockets and the pockets of their friends.

For this they have got out their magic crystall ball, lucky four leaved clover, witches cauldron and employed their psychic powers to see into the future:

" The government will give £29.3 million to the Vaccines Taskforce in Public Health England’s new testing facilities at Porton Down, to assess the effectiveness of existing and new vaccines against variants."

" These tests measure the levels of antibodies to COVID-19 that are generated by the vaccines. "

Minister for COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment Nadhim Zahawi said: " It’s vital we put in place robust support for the programme for the future as the covid19 virus mutates in order to protect itself and stay alive. This could continue for decades. "


To recap from a more impartial point of view, they gave the  vaccine tackforce £20 million last year, this year 30 million to investigate how vaccines cause the body to produce antibodies - an event that does not even happen.

This is on top of giving bill gates 7 billion last year to help the lover of humanity and selfless philanthropist

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