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Strong Evidence For Mass Delusion


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I've been chancing upon useful information during my research into Schizophrenia, which I started some years ago. 

Over more recent time I developed the very credible theory that the current social crisis connects to known facts about social mass delusion. My current source is B.А. Гиляровский, (V Gilyarovskiy) who mentions facemasks as a symptom of psychological disorder. As here, where King Ludwig is referred to:

"Those who sought an audience with him on reception were required to wear masks. "

To simplify, illnesses such as Schizophrenia are distinct in diagnosis but the symptoms come from somewhere. That is, they are a human phenomenon. When delusional symptoms affect people in high social positions, there is far less resistance by normal people to the particular paranoid delusion. The masses accept it must be real. Here is the lesson of the King and his invisible suit which we can compare with Boris Johnson's testimony. 

Most people will scoff and state Covid is genuinely killing thousands of people but few psychologists today were taught correctly about psychosomatic symptomology. Psychological hysteria can cause severe respiratory symptoms. 

My estimation is possibly 75 per cent of global cases of Covid are mass hysteria with psychosomatic symptoms. People such as Angela Merkel really do not differ from King Ludwig. 


"In the sense of the impact on behaviour there are cases in which insane thoughts and desires arising from mad fantasies are more or less fully carried out in life, without meeting resistance due to the exceptional position of the patient. In this regard, the history of the disease of the Bavarian king Ludwig, which took place from the very degenerative family of Vittelsbach deserves attention.

For a number of years, he suffered from schizophrenia with a large number of delusional ideas of greatness and persecution, which did not interfere with him for a while on the throne.
Delusional paranoia and fear of people led to the fact that he spent whole months alone or at least not seeing a single person. Food came to him on the table, which with the help of a special mechanism was extended from under the floor. Those who sought an audience with him on reception were required to wear masks. "


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I definitely agree that people have an amazing ability to adapt quickly, which is not always in their favour. Delusional leaders, Kings, politicians etc, could easily sway the people to accept the unacceptable and no longer question the delusions.....simply because those had become accepted behaviour.

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I think the mask wearing is genuinely pathetic, to put it bluntly. In the Brezhnev era there was a period where dissidents were put into psychiatric hospitals as schizophrenic - that is for believing in capitalism. Yet, this mask delusion is seriously bordering on mass mental illness. If you look at it in pure logical terms it's beyond absurd. Don't these people realise that illness and recovery is part of evolution? I always relate the same message to people who wear masks. In time, millions will die due to a degenerative immune system. I even joke in bad taste and point out Michael Jackson died early, talented but frail.

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