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My Body...My Choice...So Don't Judge Me...I Won't Judge You...I'm Free...You Stay Free.

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Not bad, thats the first I've heard, so took hold of it, sts, lol... Don't get hearing music (of the right sort) as often as I should...


Enyway thanks. Got more anti vax songs from any place? 🙂

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So true, but the issue persists.


If only we could be free 'from', just by saying its my body and my choice......sadly the Entities are obscuring the freedom either for vaxxed or non vaxxed.

I personally will never let any needle of the sort in my skin, but at the end of the day either side are being ''jailed''.

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It has been a couple of month's since logging on here. I do come here every week reading without logging on. I have been collecting and researching a lot of stuff over the past few months. It takes a lot out me. Today I came across Tamara Cater the lyrics are amazing. Hope you like it x



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