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Digital Terror

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have you noticed how banksters gangsters got everybody caught into spiders global digitalization digital net ,

they privatized your privacy and intellectual property  , vampires are sucking blood and oil from entire planet 

criminals  wanna  have human life digitally dependent , no more independence , only corporation services addicted  

now they already interrupting and manipulating  everybody  ,

 they present you their decision and their vote and you have to confirm as it was your choice while there is no any choice  ,

no free speech , you have to shutup  and wear the mask , like Khashoggy & Asange without voice 

and  whenever you change the web page you have to sign another  contract with the plenty devil 

its like government is runned by Jimmy Savile 

mafia is digitally  implementing the global  dictate ,

and everything is configured to be billys windows private business settings automatic  ,

you cannot select your  drivers , no more any options  , no more user custom settings , despite all the advertising there was nothing ever really democratic

its a prefixed set up casino royale  , organized crime The Godfather Cardinale  

Virgin Islands exstatic 

its digital terror , by reptilian brain error 

its  pretext for artificial intelligence extraterrestrial attack sci-fantastic 


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