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Windows Corona Environment & Extra Profitable Antivirus Measures Sales


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forget the state and independence   ,

state and independence are  digitally controlled and politically moneypulated by private mobile gangsta digitalization corporation , 

Iceland was right about banksters , orwelian gangsters .

its a savilian pedophilian Virgin Islands Saudi  Harem Fuckingthem Palace Corona Bussines solomanic temple jesuitic sexorcism monarchism quick cash accumulation by robbing slaves, robbing working class and  every nation ,

money printing creative association .

genetically prior class hedonistic ticket to paradise and  then getting rid of  victims and rest of human population .

artificially  intelligent robots  are designed for same old expandable nazi terror  global party  inauguration continuation .

its a primitive elite oligarchy maintenance  by low quality  ,  without proper public information  television program and without youth education .


but lets get back to business .


if you wanna travel  , you have to pay 220e for Corona test  , and its valid for 72 hours ,

after that you have to again pay another 220e . and then still  you have to pay for the travel ticket which is bit more exepensive because of crises and windows security measures .

And you need lot of permissions ,   they can provide you permission by internet or you have to extra pay to get it papersigned .


They are making money like spider is sucking blood out of victims caught in the global net , or like Barroso & Goldman Sachs designing greek crises package to fill  private pockets  .

and of course working class will pay everything politically presented as  necessarry to fill prince Andrew Savilian Monarchy  Forever Economy and  improve Virgin Islands Solomanic Temple Lolita Environment and Climate 


even great  swedish starlet Greta Thunberg of United Nation Manipulation  is like Virgin Islands  Climate Program Organization worried about Ghislaine Maxwels Environment and Climate

and then with that project  budget money ,  Ghislaine Maxwell buys submarine to easy organize human trafficking and pedophilian orgies for high officers of United Nations .


and enslaved bordered sheeps and working class of course will have to do all  the work and pay  everything ,

climate is good business , working class have payed 900 billons to Rothshcild Nato USA , 900 billions to Rothschild Germany , and 900 billions to Rothshcild France.

Savile Monarchy Queen has lot of gold , and it was slaves and working class diigging it and and then  dying there in goldmines .


Do you remember even Barack Osama got 900 billions from EU greek crises package , so then with that EU money Barrack Osama  was financing ISIS , 

and we all know that aroman empire agency saudi royal oligarchy military ISIS is just same idea product as  aroman  empire agency british royal military  Nazi SS . 

Do you remember previous urgent  swineflue  vaccines global sales when George Bush couldnt get the working classs money from congress to privatize iraqs oilfields  


today everything is  a double more  expense for working class , and its double profit for The Politically Organized Windows Virus Design Private  Business Corporation .

its crises , even real  natural food and vitamins are getting more expensive , 


people now have to buy and eat  genetically modified artificial Monsanto deadly food and then get respiratory problems because of that and because of rothschilds uranium factory .


Virus is big extra business , Bill Gates made lot of profit by designing virus for Windows and then selling security as solution . its their quick cash business patent 

And prince Andrew needs quick money to secure his harem lifestyle  like Saudi Solomon Suleiman , so they now have killed Khashoggy and arrested Asange , 

united slaveowners aroman empire  monarchy is making quick cash by selling projects like  Virgin Islands Environment & Climate and new secret atack weapon Corona .


Those who control environment cannot be prosecuted by law since they are the law and law is politically organized mafia genetically prior discrimination class royal  show ,

so there is no law , its only political theatre and private media show  , ..  and desperataly they like to robb people and they do think their office positions must remain and

their traditional politically organized robbery business must go on .


They designed nazism and terrorism and corona virus , and now they are selling extra security as solution , prices have went up , its crises and working class will have to get poorer .

They gonna design extraterrestrial attack tommorow  to enslave and keep enslaved working class ,


dont you understand that all that is politically organized to be payed by working class , and all the research  and scientific development is payed by state and working class 

and then all good results and profits are transferred to private sector  to be used against working class and  to enslave working class ,

while state and working class are fully digitally dependent and unarmed .


Think of who makes profits by selling  all the desinfection soap and sprays  for the government offices , poison- plastic glowes  made out of Coca-Cola garbage  bottles ,

billions of tons of handcleaning paper for the offices   to be used every 20 second ,  


private enterpreneurship is very important ,  like a pharaos  monarchism ,  pyramidal fuckingthem palatism  , they surf on slaves and  working class ,

state and working class of course do all the work  pay for  all the research and then good things are transferred to private sector and used to enslave working class .

i mean , you have to politically understand the system of organized robbery  , othervise you dont know whats going on ,

think .


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