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The Solution - Somewhat stranger than you think!

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It's no mystery to those spiritually inclined that the global elite and that of the negative spectrum consciousness has it's anathema in everything wholesome, unity and Love. They recoil and flee innately from that of higher vibrational frequencies, yet you see them constantly pushing for keeping people in Fear consciousness as well as other unwholesome emotions. You see the foe spin media, coordinate with one another like pros, they invert the sacred symbols and teachings to cause people shame, guilt and fear of spiritual exploration.


Therefore we must look at the agenda, behind the virus, behind the push for a NWO, behind the biometrics, the GMO's, the rituals performed in the wilderness. David and others have spoken about it before, the concept that we live on a Prison Planet. Well it shall not be like that for much longer, thus the time is short for these foes and false masters of mankind.


The solution is simple, no matter your nation, gender, identity or race you each hold the budding seed of infinite potential as living beings. As consciousness. For every person who does the inner work, the connection to whatever you wish to call it: Holy Spirit, Shekinah, Violet Flame, Creator, etc so too does the global consciousness of all increase a bit. It was likened to one person being worth a stadium filled of sleepers if they were in right with themselves, the earth and our Source/Creator of whom does dwell within.


Every faith, most religious organizations have been hijacked in one way by the minions of Jabulon the False God/Entropic Consciousness. To spread a doctrine of deceit making the people of the world feel unworthy of their birthright, of their sacred connection to all things and that of the Creator Source. Yeshua's father was not Jabulon, nay Master Yeshua's true father can be found within each of you and himself. For those who are Christian and doubt me, I can say one should go in prayer to the Master Jesus and ask directly. For those who know this Holy Spirit within you know the still and silent voice..


When each of us takes time to work on ourselves, dispel our fears and realize miracles are a possibility. We will collectively become a greater thorn, nay a repellant to the False Rulers of this world. Therefore I ask everyone to speak their truth, to stand up for freedom in person no matter the costs or odds, and to come together in their local communities to elicit change. Every action of love and kindness done authentically from the heart has a butterfly effect you cannot even quantify. By raising the global collective consciousness together, the Global Elite and Jabalon the False God's time will run out. Right now they are doing everything they can to scare, cower and manipulate to preserve what little they have.

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