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NHS Nurse speaks out to Brian Gerrish.


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We need to know who in 'government' signed the agreement to allow this illegal public experiment, who agreed to it being run without proper testing and safety protocols, and who instructed medical staff not to show every victim a copy of PIL, (patient's information leaflet) before gaining permission to commit the act. 

Manufacturers and 'government' consider themselves to be protected by law from legal measures against them for harm and genocide.  But that law was 'contractual law' which is fraudulent and not Common Law which is legal.     It will only take one case against a doctor or nurse to blow this genocide and serious assault open and all responsible will be made to face their acts.  




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What the Government has done is perfectly legal unfortunately.  If the "contractual law" you are referring to is an Act of Parliament, you will find it trumps Common Law...  The "consent" is formed by members of parliament voting for a Bill (tabled by the Government) to be past upon their constituent's behalf.

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