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British school kids as young as 3 being taught to call teachers out on use of "gendered language"

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Chris McGovern, a former primary school head and chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, told MailOnline: “This is about adults who have a neuroses about gender and are hoisting their own anxieties onto the shoulders of young children.   


“By trying to correct a children’s language at a very early age, one is actually limiting, restraining and burdening them with an anxiety they don’t need. 


“This is an attempt to control language, which is a very sinister development. It is part of a woke philosophy across education, an unstoppable tsunami of Wokeism.”



Correct. Mentally unstable idiots shouldn't be allowed to be working as educational instructors, leaders or managers of any kind.


One cannot argue with biology: there are males and females. Anyone who tries to make out otherwise should just be told to stop being silly and grow up, like people would have done years ago. I have no patience for this nonsense.


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