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UFO sightings and vaccinations


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No ... 


The ET's , (Reptilians and others) that rule this planet from behind the scenes are getting ready to return openly ... land in craft . So over the past decade there has been a switch in propaganda ... Before if you mentioned Aliens you were laughed at , the ET's wanted the whole subject taboo to keep the secret that they have always been here  giving  orders to the cabal /illuminati , the humans that appear to control things ...


Now they want people to accept the possibility that  Aliens are out there (not here controlling things) , hence the release of military films of UFO's ...Everyone trusts the military, they don't joke about these things 


First they want things to get much worse on planet Earth , So the Reps order the cabal to carry out covid ...this will also crash the economy ... and the manipulated weather will get much worse , blamed on global warming ...food shortages , war ..on and on ...And when humanity is desperate and convinced we cannot manage our affairs , The ET's will land , pretending to come and save our world , but we have to give world governance over to them ....


They have told us the plan ...watch the V mini series .... the 'friendly' visitors are in reality evil rep shape shifters 



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