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Presumed consent for child’s vaccines.


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I’m in the UK and in 14 years of being a parent, not a single time has an appointment ever been made for my child’s vaccinations unless I phoned and made one and gave consent.


I have been ignoring all letters about vaccinations for my children for the past year as now I’m more educated and able to think, I’ve decided I no longer wish for them to be jabbed by big pharma. 

A few days days ago I got a text confirming an appointment has been made for my youngest sons immunations, and gave me a date and time to attend. I did not consent nor agree to this appointment. 

Has any one else experienced the same?


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Hi! A friend of mine is in a similar situation with her newborn baby. She doesn't want to vaccinate the baby (not the Covid jab, but the 6 in 1 jab for all the other 'diseases'). How do you manage to get away with it? have they forbidden anything or do they make it complicated for bureaucracy, have you managed to lead a 'normal life' for your kid? Thanks.


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