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When was your turning point?


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What or when was it that cause you to "waken" and realise that the reality that we live in and the narrative we're being told is one big lie?

When did you start questioning everything?

The turning point for me came in around 2008, when I began to understand and see that the justification for war in Iraq was a complete fabrication, which slowly began to reveal the extent of it it, including the attack on the Twin Towers in 2001.

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In 1992, in london at school, i became a target of remote mind control techs, by uk/usa gov.


That taught me alot, and really woke me upto the world, and how bad gov are, and how they ruin your life for nothing more then just there fun.


I have not had one second of privacy since.


When the net came along and 911 happened, i knew from my targeting, that no way on earth would america not of known that was coming. As i cannot fart in my life, can you imagine what usa gov does to spy on people they really follow, and watch. I knew that day, news is just a story that is shaping your events, as virtually no one on that news could be telling the truth. Based on my life, i know what gov surveillance is like.

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