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Withdrawal Symptoms


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I've been feeling rather poorly since Tuesday, weak, lethargic, achy but today I feel almost back to normal.

It didn't occur to me until I was washing my face in tap water and thinking about all the crap thats in it.


I should explain, we recently purchased a 4 litre water distiller which after set up I started using properly from Sunday onwards.

From Sunday until Tuesday I didn't drink anything but distilled water but only distilling 4 litres a day it was running out a bit so I had to use tap water again intermittently.


I figured well we've been drinking it all this time, even if we have a mug or two of tea a day made with tap water our intake has still been reduced so that can't be a bad thing.

Jump to today and I feel almost back to normal which brings me to the point of my post.


Is it possible that I have been suffering withdrawal symptoms after I stopped drinking water direct from the tap and do I feel better today because I had to use it again a few times since Wednesday?


Hubby hasn't noticed any difference but he suffers a lot of pain anyway.


Has anyone else noticed similar symptoms when they changed their drinking water?


I apologise if this has already been discussed,


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It's interesting what Prometheus says. There aren't any minerals in distilled water. I don 't know about tap water's analysis, and yes it also contains crap, but genuine Spring water contains some electrolytes. Drinking distilled can actually flush out electrolytes from the body which can cause ill-effects over a period of time.

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