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Cows on the Moon


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In case you haven't heard, cows are killing planet earth.  Methane farts, excessive land use, energy to feed them and get them to market to feed a few billion people are all bad for our planet.  Gates has a solution... kill them off and eat soy burgers.  


Toss in the fact that the true haters of planet earth, those that want us to leave and populate a dead universe beyond our blue marble, megalomaniacs like Bezos that want humans to leave earth and build space colonies, or Stephen Hawking who issued a stern warning that earth had 100 years left to support life and we should leave as soon as possible to populate the planets.  Those types who are willing to invest billions geoengineering dead planets like Mars have missed a cheaper and simpler solution; 


Raising cows on the Moon.  


The subliminal reasons for doing this have been with us for many generations. Cows jumping over the moon.  The fact that cows Moo (n).  The moon is made of cheese.  All of these hints cannot be coincidental.  We were designed to do this.


And why not?  The moon has plenty of water.  Large greenhouse tracts could be built to control the pasture environment.  Cow poop could be used to fertilize moon soil to grow grasses.  Instead of killing earth they could invigorate life on the moon.  Perhaps best of all is the effect of low gravity... cows would get fatter and the meat more tender and juicy.  Transporting cows to earth is really not a problem... all you do is tie them together in a long string and blast them toward earth.  A processing facility connected to the I.S.S.  would slaughter and package them for re-entry.  


Why stop at cows?  We have 8 other nearby planets to export our carbon footprint... AND pollution.  These planets are already dead and they can't be destroyed any further. Mercury could be used as a trash dump for batteries.  Venus gets plastics.  Mars gets more cows. We can terraform Jupiter as a liquid toxic waste planet.  You get the idea.  All of this will be better for planet earth... we won't have to give up beef and we can all stay put on the little blue marble we call home.







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