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Edinburgh: Illuminati/Skull & Bones city

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I have repeatedly warned about the use of psychotronic weaponry in the greater Edinburgh area. It leads to bizarre behaviour patterns, extreme actions & people getting lobotomized to the point where they kill themselves, just to stop the pain. Now the city is suffering badly for it. 




Edinburgh Suicide Wave; At least 4 missing.





Dean Conner, Alice Byrne, James Dodds and Scott Wood have not been in touch with their families and friends in the days since they were last seen. And while the four cases are not related, it has left a feeling of worry and fear in the communities from which they have disappeared. 


Speaking in the days following her disappearance, Inspector Keith Scott said it was “out of character” for Alice not to keep in touch with her friends and family. Chief Inspector Kieran Dougal said: “It is important the public are not putting themselves in any danger and these can compromise planned, co-ordinated searches by specialist officers. “We would ask the public to continue to help us by continuing to share our appeals, raising awareness and contacting us with any information they may have.”



Edinburgh Police Division took to social media to appeal for help to find James, who has now been missing for five days.

The post said: “Extensive enquires are ongoing to trace James.

“It is out of character for James to have not returned home and to have not been in touch with his family and friends.”



Officers have launched an investigation and are appealing for help from members of the public to trace Scott.

A spokesman said: “There are growing concerns for Scott's welfare, therefore anyone who may have seen Scott, or who has any information on his whereabouts, is urged to contact Police Scotland.”




Keep in mind these are the high profile cases. The amount of suicides in Edinburgh is much higher than the media will ever admit. The British deep state is not going to give up its toys. It is going to keep using the psychotronic weaponry until it is forced to stop, or the amount of suicides & disappearances get out of hand. Its going to be a very tough year for Edinburgh in 2022.




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Suicide Wave continues: Another man literally jumps off a cliff to escape. I warned you all. This is what happens when psychotronic weaponry is used in a civilian environment;







A man has been rushed to hospital with serious injuries after an incident in East Lothian on Friday (January 7.)

Police have confirmed that a man is now being treated at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary after they were called out to the coastline at around 4pm.

Officers stated that they had "received report of concern for a person" at the cliffs surrounding Marine Road, with a large emergency response attending the scene.

Local residents nearby had stated they had seen a number of police and ambulance vehicles, with an emergency helicopter also circling the area.

Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We received report of concern for a person in the Marine Road area of Dunbar around 4pm on Friday, 7 Janaury, 2022.

"The man has been taken to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh with serious injuries.”




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On 1/7/2022 at 10:54 AM, Tetragrammaton said:

UFO spotted above Edinburgh Airport


The 'denny-falkirk triangle' west of edinburgh is the area of britain with the most UFO sightings


It also has massive electricity pylons from the longgannet power station passing through or near it that power grangemouth among other things so they must be producing a massive electromagnetic field. Plus they are probably on some leylines. The romans were certainly interested in that area


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Edinburgh Suicide Wave continues





Professor Fiona Denison, 51, an honorary consultant obstetrician at NHS Lothian, died on Saturday, days after an operation that she hoped would improve her health was postponed due to her contracting Covid for the second time. 

Mum-of-two Fiona won awards for research into reproductive medicine which was described as having "changed health outcomes for mothers and babies here in Scotland and beyond". She was described as a "charming, gentle and caring" doctor, who created a mirror to help with water births, and worked to prevent stillbirths with peers in Uganda. She was diagnosed with acute stress disorder which then became severe depression, which she had not suffered from previously, and medication to treat the depression led to digestive problems which she was due to have surgery for. She was diagnosed as a suicide risk and admitted to the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. "Although, outwardly, she appeared to be coping with this latest of many setbacks, Fiona took her own life on Saturday evening."




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Again this is on you deep-state. 


Edinburgh Suicide Wave continues


University of Edinburgh academic found dead in flat after Hogmanay







Rodrigo Rodrigues, a postdoctoral research fellow in biomedicine at the University of Edinburgh, passed away in his flat after Hogmanay aged 32.
It is believed he passed away in his flat on East Mayfield in Newington sometime between 31st December and 2nd January and was found dead by police after a friend became worried for his wellbeing.
Rodrigues had only moved to Edinburgh in October 2021 and he was originally from Brazil. His friend Daniel has set up a GoFundMe to help his family, who are based abroad, pay for his funeral.
His colleagues at the Centre for Reproductive Health have described him as “a great friend and colleague”, adding: “He was fun to be with, had a great personality and always ready with an insightful question or comment.”
Rodrigues had come to Edinburgh last October to research cancer cells with a view to improve treatment for sufferers.
He had completed his PhD in 2019 at St Catherine’s College, Cambridge and “his family were very proud of him, and he was known to a great many fellow academics and friends throughout the United Kingdom and beyond.”
On the GoFundMe page, his friend Daniel said he had a “promising future ahead of him in the field of cancer research”.
Tributes on the page describe him as “a very caring and sociable person” and “a great friend” with great potential in his scientific research.
The page was set up because “Rodrigo’s family reside in Brazil and Portugal, and as it appears that Rodrigo did not have life insurance, his family need support regarding funeral, legal, and travel expenses. The family wish to have a cremation and service in Edinburgh, and a service of remembrance for the wider family within the Church of Seventh Day Adventists in his home country of Brazil.”
Concern was first expressed for Rodrigues’ wellbeing after he did not answer his phone when texted by a friend on Hogmanay and failed to attend pre-arranged plans that night.
On the GoFundMe, his friend Daniel wrote: “When I messaged Rodrigo on 31st to confirm our meeting time, his phone was off. My assumption – that I will certainly regret for the rest of my life – was that he just wanted some time alone.”
After failing to get in contact on the following two days, Daniel became increasingly alarmed but did not know Rodrigues’ exact address so could not check up on him himself.
“This meant by Sunday January 2, when I was starting to become really concerned – I phoned NHS Lothian admissions to confirm he wasn’t in hospital, social services and the police – the only option available was a missing person report, which seemed very heavy-handed for someone who maybe just wanted to be left alone.”
After Rodrigues’ brother Adriano contacted Daniel, Police attended Rodrigues’ flat where he sadly was found having passed away.
Daniel added: “My heart was broken on the doorstep of his building”.
Police have told the Daily Record his death is being treated as unexplained but is not believed to be suspicious.
Prof Jeffrey Pollard, Head of the Centre for Reproductive Health where Rodrigues worked at the University of Edinburgh, said: “He was our dear friend and colleague, and he will be sorely missed. All of us in the MRC-CRH send our most sincere condolences to his family during this very sad time.”
He also added: “Dr Rodrigo Rodrigues completed his PhD in Cambridge under the direction of Professor Arthur Kaser and published outstanding research in the best journals on metabolic control of immune cells.
In October 2021 he came to Edinburgh full of enthusiasm to study a type of immune cells known as macrophages in cancer with a view of improving therapy. He was a brilliant scientist with a great future. He was fun to be with, had a great personality and always ready with an insightful question or comment. ”



So within 3 months of stepping foot in Edinburgh, Rodrigues was so disturbed & repulsed by the city he killed himself. He would have been exposed to the military-grade psychotronic frequencies that are prevalent in the city at the moment. He had a full career ahead of him. A career of so much potential. but yet within 3 months the psychotronic weaponry phucked him up so bad his only option out was death. Again this is on you deep state. You caused that.

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Again this is on you deep-state.


Edinburgh Suicide Wave continues


13 year old boy purposely walks into the path of moving train at Bathgate train station.







A teenage boy has tragically died after being struck by a train in West Lothian.

Devin Gordon has been named locally as the youngster who passed away following the incident in Bathgate on Wednesday. The 13-year-old was a keen Edinburgh Hearts fan and a promising footballer with local youth side Bathgate Juniors. British Transport Police confirmed the incident is not being treated as suspicious and a report will be sent to the procurator fiscal. They said: "British Transport Police were called to Bathgate station at 2.34pm today (19 January) following reports of a casualty on the tracks.




This is what happens when you give psychotronic weaponry to an unaccountable demographic who answer to no one. If they have any sense they will shutdown & decommission the weapon.

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Edinburgh is home to freemasonry lodge no 1


Lodge no 0 dates back to the 1100's and is in kilwinning in ayrshire. This matches in well in timings with the crusades and with the creation of the knightly orders such as the templars and the knights of st john which are the forerunners of freemasonry


Lodge no 2 is also in edinburgh and is named in honour of the lodge at kilwinning as the canongate kilwinning lodge. It is attached to the office of the knights of st john and claims to be the oldest purpose built lodge in the world, founded in 1677. Inside the lodge is a lockbox that contains heretical bibles wit alternative versions of the biblical stories.


Another lodge from the 1600's exists at newbattle outside edinburgh and there are older ad hoc lodges such as the 'palace' at culross which was used by freemasons.


Coinciding with the upswing of freemasonry is the persecution of the witches.

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The 411 Missing researcher David Paulides weighs in on the strange & freakish nature of Edinburgh, with a focus on a bunch of missing person cases from Edinburgh. The good thing about Paulides is that he approaches these cases with a fresh perspective and focuses on the small things that UK media ignores but is very important.


* Alice Byrne, 28 years, Missing January 1, 2022


* Dean Connor, 37 Years, Missing December 31, 2021


* Kenneth Jones, 18 years, Missing November 3, 1998


* Allan Bryant, 23 years, Missing November 3, 2013





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Again more side effects of psychotronic weaponry in Edinburgh. This time at Edinburgh Airport. Again this is on you deep-state. You caused this.


22 year old woman mysteriously blinded and crippled to the point she needs to use a wheelchair;







A young Scot has been left in a wheelchair after being struck down by a mysterious illness that has robbed her of her eyesight.

Imogene Comrie, 22, has been battling loss of vision and balance for almost two years and medics have been unable to diagnose her condition.

The former Edinburgh Airport worker says she can’t even pour a glass of water and now relies on loved ones’ help for everyday tasks.

She told the Daily Record : “It’s majorly affected my life, I’ve lost so much of my independence. There are some days where I feel okay and others where it’s horrendous.

“It feels like I’m drunk. Nothing is in the right place, everyday tasks take so much concentration.

“My symptoms come and go. On a bad day I can’t go down the stairs or make myself a cup of tea. I now rely really heavily on my partner and my mum."

Imogene, who lives in Falkirk, first experienced double vision when she was 13 and had specially-made prescription glasses with prism lenses to treat her eyesight.

But the condition returned with a vengeance when she was 20 and turned her life upside down.

Terrified that she was struggling with her eyesight again, she hid the symptoms from her family for a year before telling them during lockdown.

She continued: “I was starting to see double and felt dizzy all the time.

“I hid it from family just made excuses to never drive because it was concerning me.

“To be honest, I was in denial about it. I’d always been worried it would happen again.

“Since then I’ve lost my balance and my peripheral vision is limited.

Imogene was forced to give up her job as her symptoms worsened.

The 22-year-old is now using a wheelchair when she goes to shops and must be accompanied by a loved one.

She visited her optician in October 2021 and was sent to Falkirk Community Hospital.

There she had an MRI but medics are still unsure what is affecting Imogene’s eyesight.


She added: “I’m still undergoing tests and I’ve been checked for a tumour. The doctors have been unable to diagnose me.

“It’s difficult to deal with because I still don’t know whats wrong.

“I’m waiting for an appointment with the neurology department again.

Imogene says her symptoms have left her crippled with anxiety and she has struggled to adapt.

“I was an outgoing person before and always up for a laugh and loved being in front of a camera. Now I don't want my picture taken and live in my own bubble at home."

“I’m anxious when I go out because I’m unsure of where everything is.

“I used to love doing my make-up but now I can’t pick up my brushes. It frustrates me so much.

Imogene’s family hope they can get her an assistance dog to help day-to-day.

fundraiser has been launched to pay for the animal’s specialised training alongside Imogene for around 18 months.

The family needs around £4,000 pounds to cover the costs.

Imogene added: “I don’t know if my condition will get worse but having a service dog would give me a new lease of life, it’s something that could help me get through daily life.

“I could actually get my independence and start being a young adult again, to feel confident again would be amazing.






1: Imagine military-grade psychotronic frequencies mixing with the radar at air traffic control, and you have an idea of what the girl has been exposed to.


2: Edinburgh airport goes through a very high staff turnover. A lot of staff dont last anymore than six months. They end up leaving due to headaches, destroyed sleep patterns, increased aggression & abnormal behaviour.


3: Miss Comrie will have been exposed to the psychotronic frequencies at Edinburgh airport. The loss of vision, the imbalance and being crippled are all side effects of this weaponry.


4: I have purposely held back on exposing Edinburgh Airport information due to tactical reasons and not wanting to create a panic. I'll merely say that there has been  a spate of "lights" that have registered on the radar close to the airport. These are not UFOs. They are side effects of using psychotronic weaponry near to commercial aircraft & civilian aerospace radar. To any local who might be reading this if you are in the area and you see those lights, do not approach them or get close to them. You will get lobotomized & suffer from nose bleeds.

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Again more psychotronic weaponry & HAARP in Edinburgh.


Yesterdays Storm Dudley was artificial. The weaponised storm was used as a means of allowing a large amount of USAF heavy-use aircraft to travel over the Atlantic in double-quick time on the back of the jet stream at high altitude. A lot of aircraft used the jetstream to land in Germany last night using less fuel than usual and carrying heavy load equipment heading to Ukraine.


Edinburgh is like a "radar" in terms of HAARP side effects.


This is what the clouds looked like yesterday over Edinburgh (A LOT of locals would have been getting lobotomized yesterday due to the EM fields in Edinburgh being fucked);




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Very interesting science article about land surface temperatures in Edinburgh; 




They used  Landsat 8 and its 30m x 30m resolution Band 10 Thermal Infrared Scanner (TIRS) imagery.


They used it to take data from Arthurs Seat. Note the massive heat signature at the bottom. Seems to suggest a very large artificial underground installation. Seems to back up rumours that have gone on for decades that the British state illegally developed an underground facility using already existing tunnels that existed before the development of the city;





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Edinburgh Suicide Wave (Addendum)


There is a synchronicity between the suicide of Alice Byrne & the man who purposely jumped over a cliff at Dunbar


Byrne was confirmed by police to have been last seen walking into the sea ;


https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-60346601#:~:text=Alice Byrne%2C 28%2C was last,trace Ms Byrne were continuing.


And the man who walked over the cliff into the sea; https://archive.ph/DzIOo


As the both of them done the act, they would have been facing in the direction of North. And both were attracted to the water. So it is suggestive that the psychotronic weaponry being field tested would have carried the signal & frequency over the water. So the whole body of water north of Edinburgh will be acting as a conduit. It will be especially strong at low tide in Edinburgh around 9pm at night allowing the signal to carry further & be more clear. (EG; long wave radio has better reception at night). The Craigkelly Transmission Station is the main culprit in this issue. There has been illegal state-sector kit fitted that shouldnt be there. These suicides will continue until Craigkelly is shut down for good or the place is bulldozed into the ground;



  56° 4′ 19″ N3° 13′ 59.5″ W








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11 hours ago, Tetragrammaton said:

 The Craigkelly Transmission Station is the main culprit in this issue.


Lower down than craigkelly at sea level there is another large mast that looks like a GWEN tower


Truth stream media did a video on GWEN towers

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On 2/17/2022 at 10:10 AM, Tetragrammaton said:


They used it to take data from Arthurs Seat. Note the massive heat signature at the bottom. Seems to suggest a very large artificial underground installation. Seems to back up rumours that have gone on for decades that the British state illegally developed an underground facility using already existing tunnels that existed before the development of the city;



That large area in red is called 'samsons ribs' and has a load of basalt columns. Below it is duddingston loch in which a large cache of iron age ware was found that had been cast into the water as an offering.


Nearby is 'hangman's rock which a depressed executioner is said to have thrown himself from to his death


There is also a story associated with that stretch of road of a person gaining entry through a fairy door into the hill side. Something to ponder on if you ever find yourself walking it in the dark. There is a tunnel nearby from an old railway which apparently has been used to hold unofficial raves


Further up the hill is an old logan stone. But re the heat signature it is worth considering that aspect of south facing and will get a lot of sun. There are old terraces up there that someone once told me were used by the romans to grow grapes for wine

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More side effects of psychotronic weaponry/ HAARP & the Craigkelly Transmission Station on Edinburgh;


Another suicide (March 4th). The Article is not clear where it happened or how. The boy was 18 years old;




An Edinburgh woman had to have a large brain tumour cut out of her head; https://archive.ph/aX4vg


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Edinburgh Suicide Wave / Craigkelly Transmission Station





A suicide jumper was airlifted to an Edinburgh Hospital from Aberdour after jumping off the cliff. Their condition is unknown;





A person has been rushed to hospital in Edinburgh after a tragic fall
from a cliff near the capital.

Emergency services have confirmed the person had to be airlifted to
the Royal Infirmary at Little France following the incident in

Both ambulance services, the RNLI and and Rescue 199 had raced to the
scene just a short drive from Edinburgh at around 6pm on Sunday
evening (March 13).

The Daily Record reports the person was then flown by air ambulance to
the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. 
The extent of the person's injuries is not yet known.

The lifeboat confirmed that it was stood down from the rescue
operation at around 8pm. 
A spokesperson said: "Lifeboat paged at 18:11 to one casualty fallen
down cliffs at Aberdour.

"Rescue 199 also attended and extracted casualty and airlifted to ERI.

"Lifeboat has just been stood down at 20:20.

"Lifeboat has no involvement in any other incident at this time."





Note Aberdour's very close proximity to the Craigkelly Transmission Station. Virtually right beside it.


( Map;

 https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Aberdour/Edinburgh/@55.9724639,-3.4320299,11z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x4887c9491369d1a1:0x18f281e444e9a9ab!2m2!1d-3.3027299!2d56.054679!1m5!1m1!1s0x4887b800a5982623:0x64f2147b7ce71727!2m2!1d-3.188267!2d55.953252!3e0 )


I'll merely say this, if Craigkelly Transmission Station isnt shutdown & bulldozed into the ground, then we are going to see a level of tragedy & horror unprecedented  in modern Scotland.

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Edinburgh Suicide Wave / Craigkelly Transmission Station


Another suicide on Friday past a single father in his 40's. Left behind a 20 year old daughter. His death is on you deep state. You caused that with your tech;






Darren Dickson, known as ‘Daz’ to his friends and family, died suddenly on Friday, leaving behind his beloved 20-year-old daughter Sophie. A GoFundMe page was set up by a family friend to help raise funds to pay for a funeral for Darren, who lived at Cable Wynd House in Leith.  Darren, who was in his early forties, has been described as a “great guy” who “had a heart of gold”. His younger sister Debbie Turnbull told the Evening News: “We’re numb to be honest. He was always the glue that kept our family together. “He had a heart of gold and always had a spring in his step. He’d give you the last penny from his pocket and the shirt off his back. He was such a happy, happy guy.” She added: “He never had a bad word to say about anybody. He was somebody that would go above and beyond for anybody, and it’s such a shock to me.”


Note that Mr Dickinson lived in North Edinburgh at Leith. So he was in close proximity to the waters beside Leith Docks. he would have been fully exposed to the frequencies emanating from the north.


Then we come to this poor man:


Man from Edinburgh faces death due to inoperable brain tumours;







An Edinburgh dad has gone through two failed surgeries after he was found to have a deep growth inside of his brain.

Ben Brady, 56, was first diagnosed with a brainstem cavernoma in 1999, after what he thought was a facial palsy turned out to be the abnormal cluster of blood vessels.

Although originally medics believed the growth was operable, two attempts in 2000 and 2004 caused serious side effects and were unsuccessful. Now living with the condition, Ben told Edinburgh Live that the cavernoma can bleed every four years or so, having a serious impact on his health.


he dad-of-two said: "I have cavernomas all over my body but the one that has the most impact is the one on my brainstem. Every three or four years it bleeds and causes something to go wrong in the body.

"I had a facial palsy on the left side and I assumed it was Bell's palsy but I went in and they said no it's serious so I had a scan and they told me I had a tumour.

"They realised it was a cavernoma and they said they could remove it but they failed, it's very deep and hard to get at. I had an operation down south but it came back straight away then I had one at the Western General but it came back again.

"It's had a massive impact, at the time I was full-time in the Christian Ministry and because they said the operation would be successful I thought I would just get it and carry on but that wasn't the case, so my health has been deteriorating since then.

"The first operation had quite a few side effects on my head, numbness and strange sensations in my head due to them cutting nerves."


With his balance and energy levels affected on a daily basis, Ben also suffers from partial blindness in one eye and occasional seizures.

On daily medication for head pain and eyedrops to prevent further infection, Ben shared he desperate to get back to his favourite pass time of cycling, which he often did with his wife.

However, the balance problems have meant that he has been unable to get on a bike for some time due to the risk of falling.


Ben added: "It affects my body so my balance goes, it's got to the point now where I can't cycle safely anymore, I can get moving but if stop I just fall off. The balance is all the time, it worsens as the day goes on."

In the hope of getting back out and spending time with his wife in the fresh air, Ben has launched a fundraiser to help the family afford a tricycle that will allow him to balance.

He said: "I used to love cycling and me and my wife would go out along the coast easily and cycle to South Queensferry, we did that a lot for several years but I fell off too many times and it became impossible, so this is a really great option."

After launching the fundraiser for the bike, Ben has since seen over half of his target met, with donations totalling up to around £545 so far.

Overwhelmed with the support, he added: "It's amazing really, I didn't expect that, I just sent my story into GoFundMe and so much money came in.

"I can't run now, I can't walk far or without a stick so cycling will just be amazing."




The reason Mr Brady's case is included is because it shows that psychotronic weaponry has been field tested on Edinburgh for more than 20 years. Also note the damage to his eyes. so again we are seeing the same pattern of specifically targeting the nervous system and the brain.


For those of you who decide to go and do a recce up at Craigkelly Transmission Station , do so very discreetly and dont advertise it. the place will be crawling with goons due to it being state infrastructure.

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3 hours ago, Tetragrammaton said:

For those of you who decide to go and do a recce up at Craigkelly Transmission Station , do so very discreetly and dont advertise it. the place will be crawling with goons due to it being state infrastructure.


I dunno if it would be crawling with people that much but honestly i would take a look at the tower down at sea level that is on the western edge of burntisland. It looks to me like it might be a GWEN tower and i have seen at least a couple of others dotted around scotland. GWEN towers have cables that extend out within the ground and being as close to the sea as it is i wonder if it is able to send signals out in the water


Certainly whales have washed up along that shoreline and when that happens i always wonder if some manmade signal has scrambled their senses. There is a history of acoustic warfare along that coast as there were listening stations during the wars to listen for German UBoats coming into the forth. Gin Head was used as a radar research station during the war and was up for sale a while back. Sadly i didn't have the million plus bucks to hand to purchase it....

What Is This GWEN Tower Really For?

Melissa Dykes Jul 26, 2015

In the realm of government conspiracies discussed on the Internet, it doesn’t take long to find discussions about GWEN towers. The topic comes up again and again in forums regarding government mind control programs. Here’s a complete explanation breaking down how this could work.

The potential for attuned frequencies, and extremely low frequency (ELF) waves in particular, to be used to electronically stimulate areas of the brain and alter mood has been well-documented in scientific research for decades now. Moreover, microwaves have allegedly been put to use in covert warfare since the early days of the Cold War.

Are signals directing the population to remain calm, become aggressive, desire and consume products, to enter a sleep state or to be artificially programmed to be happy, sad, depressed or enraged? Is this a truly plausible scenario? Can this really be happening?

Are such signals really capable of changing the landscape in a quiet war with silent weapons?

Here’s what we found after several attempts to track down a verifiable GWEN tower:

GWEN stands for Ground Wave Emergency Network, a program from the late Cold War which officially began in 1982, erected throughout the 1980s and early 1990s with what would seem a dubious purpose.

The Google summation: “A GWEN station transmits up to a 300-mile radius, the signal dropping off sharply over distance. The entire GWEN system consists of, (depending on source of data), from 58 to an intended 300 transmitters, spread across the USA, each with a tower 299-500 ft high.”

The towers include 350-foot copper wires that fan out from underneath the structure through the ground like umbrella spokes, interacting with the Earth, meaning signals can travel down into basements, etc. GWEN transmissions are between VLF 150 and 175 KHz, but the towers also emit UHF waves of 225 to 400 MHz. The towers shoot enormous bursts of energy, but the waves hug the ground, which is supposed to be a way for military communications to withstand an EMP or nuclear attack.

There was a lot of mystery surrounding the GWEN tower project, much of which has persisted throughout the years. Although the program was first defunded by Congress in 1990 and then again for the final time in 1994, some of these towers still stand today. Information on the web regarding exactly where GWEN towers are located, however, is sketchy at best.

Stranger still are newspaper articles regarding GWEN when the Air Force was first constructing the system. Military town hall meetings were met with great resistance. Large groups of people protested in cities across America for multiple reasons, including not wanting their town to be a Russian nuclear target, to what people felt might be the real reasons behind building GWEN which many felt had absolutely nothing to do with nuclear war… everything from weather manipulation in conjunction with HAARP to mass mind and behavior control.

In an article from the Greenwood, South Carolina Index-Journal dated Sept. 26, 1986, Nancy Foster who was co-director of an anti-GWEN activism group, attended a public meeting and noted that an early Air Force environmental assessment curiously made zero mention of GWEN being used in nuclear conflict. An August 1986 article in The Gettysburg Times outlines Gerald Depew’s BBC appearance against GWEN. Depew noted that the tower network was quote, “not expected to be functional for more than a half-hour after the start of a nuclear barrage.” Sounds real helpful in that case, right? Depew also maintained that the towers were about protecting high-ranking military and government members only, not average American citizens.

But perhaps even more concerning is an article from the June 18, 1993 edition of The Indiana Gazette, well after the Cold War supposedly ended and well after Congress first started defunding GWEN in 1990.

Then Secretary of Defense Les Aspin (Council on Foreign Relations) was quoted as scoffing at the idea of nuclear war, saying it had “receded to the vanishing point.” The article goes on to question, and rightly, why, then, did Aspin turn around just a few weeks later and begin pushing ahead once more on finishing the GWEN tower project… if the entire reason for the system really was based on what was in his own words the nonexistent threat of nuclear war in the first place.


(click to enlarge)

So did GWEN have a darker design?

Why build an $11 million network of towers that it would seem had no real justifiable purpose?

More on GWEN

Wikipedia: AN/URC-117 Ground Wave Emergency Network

GWEN Towers – Total Control

The Ground-Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) System

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Edinburgh Suicide Wave / Craigkelly Transmission Station


Another suicide jumper this morning in central Edinburgh;






A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Officers were made aware of a man having fallen from a height on Cowgate in Edinburgh around 10am on Thursday, 17 March, 2022. "Emergency services are currently in attendance.” The condition of the man who fell has not yet been confirmed. Traffic is currently being diverted up Candlemaker Row. An ambulance was also seen at the scene.



There is nothing more i can do in this. I have done my best to warn everyone. The level of avoidable deaths coming to Edinburgh this year is going to be horrific.

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Craigkelly Transmission Station/ HAARP in Edinburgh


An 8 year old Edinburgh boy develops a Stage 4 brain tumour. Again this is on you deep state. You caused that testing your weaponry on the city;







An Edinburgh family were devastated after their son's headaches turned out to be a stage four brain tumour.

Rudi Abbott, now eight, was just six-years-old when he began to experience headaches and slightly blurry vision, with a host of doctors appointments ending in an MRI scan.

Diagnosed in August 2020, parents Coline and Ben were told that Rudi had a rare tumour in the centre of his brain, with treatment beginning almost immediately.

Just a week later, Rudi was taken in for major surgery to remove the tumour, before undergoing aggressive chemo and radiotherapy, as well a stint in Germany for proton therapy. "He the whole way through first lockdown he was complaining that things wee blurry when reading or watching things and having reoccurring sore heads

"They went to the doctors from around April until August and then when they went to the Sick Kids in August he had had one eye squinting and unable to focus and he felt quite strange on one side and had tremblings, he'd had a lot of sickness a lot out of nowhere.




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Edinburgh H.A.A.R.P / Craigkelly Transmission Station


Edinburgh residents spot UFO shaped clouds over the city (20th March 2022)







Spooked Edinburgh locals reported seeing UFO shaped clouds across the skyline on Saturday night.

A number of people took to social media looking for an explanation about the orb-shaped clouds that had settled in the sky.

Some even thought they had a UFO in their midst but the Met Office say it is actually a rare lenticular cloud. 

he Met Office say that such lens-shaped clouds form when the air is stable and winds blow across hills and mountains from the same or similar direction at different heights. Pilots on aeroplanes avoid them due to turbulence. Larger formations of the clouds were pictured over northern Scotland and the borders earlier this year. "They are quite unusual in the British Isles but do occasionally occur. They look a lot like the traditional shape of flying saucers in science fiction, and real lenticular clouds are believed to be one of the most common explanations for UFO sightings across the world.




Should be noted on that night it was a clear sky with no wind. Also there was a heavy electronic hum across the whole city. Lots of headaches & nosebleeds for the locals. 











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Leith Docks receives a visit from the Dutch submarine HNLMS Zeeleeuw that can carry Mark-48 warheads. "Just routine". Submarines are very good for smuggling stuff & people...







A Dutch navy submarine boasting powerful torpedos designed for taking down nuclear vessels has docked in Edinburgh.

HNLMS Zeeleeuw was spotted on a pit stop in Leith earlier this week as the massive boat was towed into port.

The walrus-class sub, which translates to ‘sea lion,’ has operated under the Netherlands’ flag since 1987 but went through a €94 million modernisation project in 2014.


hat included equipping the vessel with Mark 48 warheads - valued at around $4m each - capable of sinking deep-diving nuclear craft and high performance surface vessels.

The boat has previously participated in major missions as part of a Nato anti-piracy operation in the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea.

The sub is one of four submarines known to be in operation as part of the Dutch fleet, but its appearance in Edinburgh has been kept under close guard.


All are named after marine mammals, with the Zeeleeuw joining the Dolfijn, Walrus and Bruinvis, or ‘porpoise,’ on combat manoeuvers across the globe.

A spokesperson for Forth Ports said they were unable to confirm the nature of the boat’s visit, however confirmed they “regularly host naval vessels of many different nationalities at its various ports”.






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Edinburgh H.A.A.R.P / Craigkelly Transmission Station


8 year old schoolgirl from Penicuik (directly to south of Edinburgh) suffers side effect of her hair falling out.








A Scottish schoolgirl who started to lose her hair before starting school has taken it in her stride after getting a wig from a charity.

Freya Stevens, eight, from Penicuik, Midlothian was diagnosed with a hair loss condition three years ago that her mum originally thought was a scalp infection.

The youngster's mum Nikki Stephens began to notice wisps of her little girl's hair falling out and bald patches three years ago - but had no idea what was causing it.


The schoolgirl went through all sorts of tests to find out what was causing the hair loss including having skin from her scalp sent to labs to test for an infection and several blood tests.

Eventually Freya was diagnosed with the autoimmune condition Alopecia Areata, the disorder is the most common type of hair loss and can affect those at any age.

It usually causes small, coin-sized, round patches of baldness on the scalp, although hair elsewhere can be affected too.

After getting a wig through the Little Princess Trust, Freya's dad Gav, 40, is taking on an 140-mile cycle with pals to give back to the charity in June this year.

His wife said the dad of two is panicking slightly now ahead of the big cycle but will do anything for his little girl.


Speaking to Edinburgh Live Vikki said: "In October it will four years since it first happened.

"I noticed thinning areas on her head and patches that would last for months then it would start to grow back in January.

"By summer it would have fully grown back and was absolutely great. At the first I thought it might be a scalp infection so we had a sample sent away and checked.

"She had her bloods check too but they were clear and eventually she was diagnosed with alopecia.

"They don't know if it will keep falling out then come back again. It's an autoimmune condition so there is no cure or anything you can do.

"As a parent that's the worst part you just have to leave it there is nothing I can do to make it better."


Nikki used special tricks to conceal Freya's condition but after losing most of her hair last year it was no longer a possibility.

She explained: "I used to use a root touch up spray and I'd style it in a way that no one would notice.

"But after this Winter it became too hard to hide and she lost most of her hair. "Freya changed school recently because we moved to a different area of Penicuik.




Penicuik is around under 11 miles directly south from Edinburgh. It sits directly on the direction of the transmission signal taken directly from the Craigkelly Transmission Station. so that child's hair is falling out due to that frequency affecting her. So we have a better idea of how far that frequency & signal carries out of Edinburgh now. A child's skull is thinner than an adult's due to bone development still developing. So the girl will not have the same level of bone thickness as her parents have. Best thing the parents can do is move away from Penicuik;



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Edinburgh H.A.A.R.P / Craigkelly Transmission Station


Paramedics deal with a man from Mornngside who is bleeding from his nose, his mouth & his eyes. He was crying blood;







Edinburgh patients have featured in a new BBC Scotland ambulance show, which offers insight into the working life of hero paramedics including their gruelling battle during the Covid pandemic.

Paramedics on Scene features frontline footage of what staff at The Scottish Ambulance Service have to deal with every day, with Edinburgh being included alongside several different Scottish locations.

In the first episode, paramedics are called to a resident's house in Morningside, where a man suffered with persistent nosebleeds - to the point where blood was streaming from his eyes.


Their last call of the shift is for a patient with a nosebleed, which doesn't appear too serious an issue to request an ambulance for, but the man's constant high blood pressure and blood streaming from his eyes was definitely a cause for concern.

The crew race to 59-year-old Johnny's location, which from the footage, appears to be in the Morningside area of Edinburgh, where they're informed that the patient has been bleeding from his nose, mouth and eyes.


The crew note that although nosebleeds are not often serious, as Johnny symptoms have been so severe, there is a cause for concern, and he's taken to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.




So we're getting the point now where the frequency in Edinburgh is so strong, that it has the capability to burst blood vessels in an adult man's eyes, (& skull) blinding him. They are using the frequency to restrict the physical perceptions of the local population. So its not just the case of lobotomizing the local population now. Its a case of restricting their perceptions to conceal the presence of something "other" that they share the city with. Also note the incident took place at night. when the signal & frequency will have been much stronger & clearer due to night time conditions (High tide at night too).

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On 3/17/2022 at 1:30 PM, Macnamara said:

I dunno if it would be crawling with people that much but honestly i would take a look at the tower down at sea level that is on the western edge of burntisland. It looks to me like it might be a GWEN tower and i have seen at least a couple of others dotted around scotland. GWEN towers have cables that extend out within the ground and being as close to the sea as it is i wonder if it is able to send signals out in the water


I think there is a GWEN tower by the water just south of Dundee too

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