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Colloidal Silver and COVID-19: Worth a good look


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Disclaimer:  I make my own colloidal silver and my family has been using it for years.  We use it today as a preventative measure against SARS-Cov-2.


I have a miracle story for you.  It is real.  And it has nothing to do with colloidal silver (we will get to that later).  In March 2020 my wife got a 2 a.m. urgent phone call from the teeny tiny island where she was born in the Philippines.  Burias Island, no tourism, just happy filipinos living life the way they have for centuries, fishing, raising families, and otherwise fending off materialism from the outside world, aside from the windward shore lined 6 inches deep with material invaders consisting of everything plastic.  It was her sister, they had the cure for coronavirus. A Burias woman had given birth to a stillborn child. As she grieved the stillborn baby opened it's eyes and began to speak revealing the cure for the coronavirus; egg whites and that everyone in that Burias village must consume two.  Upon telling us my oldest daughter laughed out loud, until I reminded her of Bible miracles that by comparison were even more ridiculous.  So we all consumed egg whites out of respect for the greater unknown.


Our lives continued without hiccups.  Months earlier our daughter had relocated and decided to live at home awhile to catch up on family bonding after 10 years on her own.  In the weeks before COVID hit she was hired by a local hospital as a nurse and was assigned rotating shifts on and off the COVID ward.  She was fearful of bringing the virus home and infecting her parents and thought of taking up a room closer to the hospital.  We would have nothing of it.  I created a sanitation protocol procedure to minimize that from happening, and she reluctantly stayed. I casually reminded her of the egg white cure and informed her about colloidal silver.  Plus the fact our entire family was most likely immune based on our extensive travels throughout Asia during the SARS epidemic.


The hospital would soon be overrun with COVID cases, the ICU converted into a COVID ward, many nursing staff and doctors contracting the virus.  Patients dying in high numbers.  


Her parents were not living as recluses. We were having fun at the Indian Gaming Casinos for the entirety of 2020 where social distancing was non-existent tho masks were required.  Homemade cotton masks.  Useless as toilet paper walls.  Grapevine reports were that many of the gaming staff contracted the virus, but that didn't shut down the casino!  Native Americans were not playing those lockdown games.  Daily we used the CS nasal spray... hitting our mucous membranes; eyes, nasal passages and mouth.  Twice a day.


To this day no one in that Burias village has contracted the virus, open to outside visitors.  We are fine.  Not even a sniffle.  Now I don't know why, was it acquired immunity, egg whites, colloidal silver?  Who knows.  But we sure as heck will not be getting a vaccine for a virus with a 99% recovery rate.  Sorry New World Order, we are not yours.  


Oh, almost forgot to mention.  Colloidal silver has been tested with potent effect against SARS-Cov-2.  Read it for yourself.  (Shhhh... don't tell the FDA) 




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Interesting because I am about to try colloidal silver "Mesosilver" (true colloid, not ionic silver) For a tooth root giving me a slight issue right now. My first ever experiment with it and I remain positively hopeful and curious. (it hasn't arrived yet. NEVER bother getting Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery! Waste of spondoolicks)


The "Blue Man" story (argyria where the skin turns blue) has been taken out of context about what actually happened, and has been circulated as a warning about the "dangers" of colloidal silver.

Total rubbish. That man was not taking colloidal silver, but IONIC silver in large doses (totally different things). But of course the Pharma guys loved that, put the word around about its side effects and many people have been put off using it owing to lack of knowledge and education.


Yes, I have heard anecdotal accounts of  Colloidal Silver's Covid-fighting abilities.



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