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Psychopathic Supervillain Releases 1 Billion GMO Mosquitoes..."The Pink Cardigan" Strikes Again!


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Gates does whatever he wants whenever he wants as he as an endless supply of money.


The billions he earned from micrsoft were spent years ago. It is so many of the world's governments that keep rushing forward with donations to support this arsehole.

B.J. ( blowjob) boris johnson said a few months ago: " gates has spent 7 billion dollars on the pandemic. We must support this man and all the important work he is doing."

And promptly bj  sent 7 billion to gates from british taxpayers funds. Disgracefull that so many struggle just to buy food, pay essential bills, rent, mortages, saving every penny for years, and bj is throwing away billions in seconds.

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Pink cardigan arms flailing as he speaks... "I am very pleased at the global submission so far.  My Mosquito Legion will soon multiply into trillions of little soldiers that will transport blood from the loyal vaccinated to those that have not been vaccinated.  Each one a bio-factory of death that will eventually make our planet a better place to live."

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