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Petition to stop Microsoft Nerd / WEF ruining the world.


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I think it’s time for an international petition to stop Microsoft Nerd / WEF ruining the world with lunatic schemes (Real intention to reduce human population) All this current blah blah about needing a GREEN change to the world from those who have been causing huge  damage and pollution is such nonsense. I reckon MN has never even planted a potato and had his hands in the soil. Off out now to move manure from the fields into the veggies area.

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1 hour ago, perpetual said:

I think this will fail because your description sounds unfocused and wishy washy unfortunately.

That’s a rude and negative attitude. How about some helpful suggestions to help stop this nonsense? (I have not even made a petition description) I took on a government with a previous petition (with the help of the public and succeeded)  

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Skipping your topic for now Woodsman,  sorry~ its just me~ on occasions I am tired of this forum after only 3 months here. (factors in my own life see to that) ....


Now... Not to say its a bad idea about what your intention is in principle.. but I have little to contribute to these forums for a while...whilst handling my own problems brewing... 


However I do have this in saying yeah Woodsman, well said in reply to some humans, and I'll say this in public... and I don't mean to get personal with anyone, as drama with anyone would be a bit daft, so I'm not about that, so lets say it can come potentially at any of us and from any of us...  (BUT THEN AGAIN broadly speaking lets frame that better by what I refer to>> so even if someone is having a bad day, so still not nice to see it so often on these boards up & down)... and there we go --  on positivity being sparse in these forums which maybe your view too, it is indeed a problem.


I sort of understand why that is overall when people are having a head full by the tons of information as it can feel frustrating or psychosis inducing etc.


But being rude out of bad habit or casual misendeavour is largely unnecessary really and erodes and negates any good points of positive address signposted (like good intention) or generally positive reaction hopeful to be seen by any reply to an OP poster (in their own thread like this is yours) and if what said by a respondent it can twist or distort faith in human nature a bit added on top of what we already face by humanity as a whole, whoever be urging others to feel negativity too often, etc, even if rudeness by the other was not meant to be offending... Well then that is the impact on a person when mis-managed rudeness is directed toward whoever~ UNFORTUNATELY..


Buuut still, you take the world as you find it I guess, yet truly to withstand any doubting or other impactful vibes of that nature that should not leave us powerless, those of us receiving any sort of bad vibe. 

Annnnnnd Should Not Rob us of common sense or a reasonable ability to think because of how emotions may inetervene by our reaction to negativity of others... and probably the thing witnessed the most is by whomever shows habitual or unparried or unmoderated rudeness.


Now shortness or rudeness maybe instinctual in some instances not so surprising, but not good as a frequent habit.


People only convince themselves to like it (they like because it seems to make the world more "snip snap" , and I can dig that sometimes but not mindlessly without end) but people do it because its to the point and easy, like rough n ready... but it comes with negativity rippling through the subatomic energy fields within the person it is aimed at for the non thick skinned. I don't understand too much more but suffice to say anyway, coz negativitiy just feels bad all round and is hard to see a use for it apart from if someone is woundup or depressed, but still not great... So in many situations positivity will trump it if mental attitude and system of dealing is good and morality is sound. Like in being durable enough to flick or shrug off the little arrows that come our way for whatever reason people indulge in bad anything!.. 

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On a random note~ about the manure thing, not trying to greenwash you ;-) but there is such a thing as a green non animal manure, as a vegan I would prefer that and nothing other! Regarding what you do for a living. ;-) Anyway, happy working the land I suppose.. (Had to say it,  I'm vegan-there, I said it again! :D) 

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