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Amazon Rainforest: Lungs of the Planet


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When I first read that headline I puked.  It is an article you can google that blames rising CO2 as the number one culprit killing the Amazon.  Of course they know how lungs operate, or do they?  


Human lungs inhale O2 and exhale CO2... shut off our O2 supply we begin to die.  The more O2 we breathe allows us to run marathon races.  


Amazon lungs, like all flora, inhales CO2 and exhales O2.  The more CO2 the greener and bigger they grow... producing more O2 for us greedy humans.  All in all a good arrangement.


More CO2 is good for the Amazon.  Rising temperatures make them even more efficient (think Jurassic Period Green).    Increasing CO2 fertilizes the Amazon and reducing CO2 will suffocate it.  


What is really harming the Amazon?  Well, not rising CO2 or minuscule rising temperatures.  Not even slash and burn farming, natural fires, or clearing land for raising cattle.  'Natural regeneration' has restored 25% of all deforested hectares in the Amazon since about 1970, much of that due to carbon fertilization.  That is Mother Nature doing her job without man lifting a finger.  The remaining hectares are in use.  Once man leaves it alone it grows back.  Slash and burn farming is evidence of that cycle.    


What is harming the Amazon is the illusion distorting public perception of a once 'fire-proof' (yes, I puked at that headline too) Amazon rainforest is dying when it is not.  I know this.  I have studied the data.  You should too.  





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