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Amazon Rainforest: Lungs of the Planet


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When I first read that headline I puked.  It is an article you can google that blames rising CO2 as the number one culprit killing the Amazon.  Of course they know how lungs operate, or do they?  


Human lungs inhale O2 and exhale CO2... shut off our O2 supply we begin to die.  The more O2 we breathe allows us to run marathon races.  


Amazon lungs, like all flora, inhales CO2 and exhales O2.  The more CO2 the greener and bigger they grow... producing more O2 for us greedy humans.  All in all a good arrangement.


More CO2 is good for the Amazon.  Rising temperatures make them even more efficient (think Jurassic Period Green).    Increasing CO2 fertilizes the Amazon and reducing CO2 will suffocate it.  


What is really harming the Amazon?  Well, not rising CO2 or minuscule rising temperatures.  Not even slash and burn farming, natural fires, or clearing land for raising cattle.  'Natural regeneration' has restored 25% of all deforested hectares in the Amazon since about 1970, much of that due to carbon fertilization.  That is Mother Nature doing her job without man lifting a finger.  The remaining hectares are in use.  Once man leaves it alone it grows back.  Slash and burn farming is evidence of that cycle.    


What is harming the Amazon is the illusion distorting public perception of a once 'fire-proof' (yes, I puked at that headline too) Amazon rainforest is dying when it is not.  I know this.  I have studied the data.  You should too.  





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the international commitment to renewable energy has grown in recent years, the increase in wind farms has triggered a huge demand for balsa wood, leaving a trail of deforestation in its wake.

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I heard a broadcast on Radio 4 about this whole thing in the middle of last night...... I'll let you know how I get on after I listen back to that, but by my impressions of most opinions on this forum verses my GENERAL opinion, and those opinions OF MINE where applicable (for anyone interested in being open-minded) are not necessarily my FULLY FLESHED OUT OPINIONS and so this is why I say IN GENERAL as per myself likewise, not just you all..... BUT yes I DO have my STAPLE DEEP ROOTED green principled opinion of deep uprising (*in general*) and so at heart those principles are of preserving nature will always contend and stand to fight in some sense if necessary.


BUT the tragedy maybe that if anyone of you, is a person so ridiculous that you hate nature or appear to, then sometimes thats the risk of how I interpret what other peoples are saying up in this place.... And so what their views seem to project, (to whom it may concern) whether fully deliberately or reasonably knowingly or fully educatedly, yeilding to being open-minded or not OR GENUINE OR NOT in a persons delivery of supposed facts....


NOW YOU COULD SAY in a way that in some sense goes for me too if I am imperfect in my views - apart from knowing I am genuine as the prime thing - about how I may concede in places where my own learning or expanding my perimeters on often complex topics MAY need some clarity or reconsideration;;, except really in some sense over-riding all that for me -- THE  crystal clear take home thing at the end of the day is I LOVE NATURE, and I would invite others to become more in tune with nature!....

As it is, however as always talk anywhere you look on this forum many things pretty much can appear ~SEE BELOW TO CONTINUE .... ((*my comments excepting & accepting* obviously FAKE pandemic and with that put aside *as I speak now* in green protection as the uniquely specified topic here or at least in interest of core principle that the Earth MUST BE SAVED FROM POLLUTION, ECO-DEGRADATION and MAD-MEN)) ...


.............................[can appear>>continued>>]... either lop-sided or backward or even worse a Psy Op posters trying to justify all this carbon we have in circulation, and as if to think David Icke is always right.....Well maybe he's right up to a point, (I JUST DON'T KNOW/ don't know all), yet I am not gullible about believing everything I read up in this place ==== as bad as a newspaper sometimes I KID YOU NOT....

However in realism, AND AS PERHAPS I too maybe at least partially wrong, however the sun doth shine buddy, but I am NOT AUTOMATICALLY backing down easily to the opinions I see on this website based around nature, which on the face of it could just be lies.


So anyway this is why I am glad I heard some AFAIK ACTUAL Brazilian (if to be believed) and other qualified people talk (again if to be believed) about why they do what they do in their homeland, but TWO **big things** I did hear already as per the Radio 4 broadcast as per the locals and whoever the commentator guests or responders (of logic solving for example) who were the ones looking into the deeper aspects of the problem, so hearing what all spoke I heard TWO major setbacks in terms support of outside of Brazil, for support of Brazils natural habitat, and what rang out from the broadcast was as clear as day - which is that external funding to help deforestation never appears, despite talk around that from outside countries and there is no fundamental plan to accompany that influx of money to aid deforestation and to best use that money if it ever did appear.



Ps, I have not watched ALL DI videos he ever made, give a guy a break if you think I should be better up to speed...... Besides why trust only one person or even anyone on this forum, when most people seem set on one view only, and yeah cheers for that.

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