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10,000 Conspiracy Theorists


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Had to laugh at official comments that referred to the London protesters as "conspiracy theorists". In actual fact, protesters appear to be quite hetereogenous, made up of greens, liberals, some politicians perhaps.
Surely a terrific bit of anti propaganda would be to find out how many of those protesters really do kick the bucket a week later. This is what is being claimed. My guess is none of them will fall ill on account of being in contact. This could be put to the test. There's a real need now to put these claims under hard scrutiny.
It has been noted the media has given little coverage to those who protested. The term "minority" was used. A small group of conspiracy theorists apparently. 10,000 or more?
What will follow?
I think attempts will be made to ban protests. That is clearly on the cards given the ideals of democracy and serving the electorate has been abandoned by those in power - who show contempt for liberty.
However, history shows one reality. Where protests are banned and repression used, reaction becomes extreme and revolutionary. Just as in 1917.
I am hoping we can save the vestiges of democracy and accountability peacefully. It is, in fact, possible to push for change this way. However, extreme social division on a global scale is becoming a real risk.

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Hard scrutiny... 


Testing for unified rebelesque tendencies of civil libertarians... test rebel test post protest, post apocalypse preconditioning already?...


Or  just better to concentrate for now on a test of open mass maskless gathering, and to wonder what could be the collateral if any??  


With observation to Fake or Questionable Virus susceptibility?? Is anyone really prone to contagion so aweful more than flu-like symtoms... Well. Whatever particulars of your scrutiny to undertake,  I guess its circumstance evaluation of how protestors may prevail in health...  Or else when anaylzing abything not obvious, by also whatever would in addition possibly be targeting the nation or the public...Through mixing of course anything could occur (something else not the fake virus too)... Anyway with the basic object being to ascertain any supposed/suspected 'virus' based (alleged variants included?) and of which "places people" at supposed ill health since during the event, whoever it may come to light "it" may or may not have effected?? ...pfft... Who knows...  But still hopefully prooving healthy by & large is what I hope.  For anyone here I guess taking a keen &  curious onlook at what took place in London... So  it is interesting too even if for others like me whoever could not be there.


... To understand what we may learn for both  vaccinationists and the non vaxers like myself it of course holds interest to see how scrutiny reveals about health aftermath of such events.  



Anyway on a slightly humorous note... No bomber vest required in relation to my rebel first paragraph... We will use dummy protestors, moving by remote command.. In mockery of mechanized robots and zombies. 



Okay, getting deeper... lets look with the help of the no more Sir Patrick Moore, (who hated fox hunting, me too!) he say with his third eye, noone die..  

So good... Conclusively mysterious by my guess perhaps?!.. 

Nah :) seriously I hope for seeing whatever alternative scrutiny your 'personal brand' of psychology science may bring truthfully. :) 


Not messing with you Shining One... JUST  conscious we might have to wait a bit for some solid answer as to your genuine line of query about any potential fatalistic ill health based on any gatherings,  but I remain hopeful it is nothing to fear where rational proportion is taken onboard and so remaining healthy is not lost even when cautiously mixing in public... and I don't mean by rational stakes any right thinking or moral person would like to see collateral damage or ill health of protestors, whoever were helping serve our or perhaps their collective tribal cause as well as ours. 



All 10,000 people are welcome back again for more heterogenous diversity assembly as long as they sign allegiance to disobey and unburden from hierarchy. To do so with peaceful intentions, but not passive consent and with ways to co-create with reinvention of society, maybe even return to the land, for a vision everyone might understand, and not just have to feel like bystanders in the stakes of whatever is at stake.



Vampires assuming good morals and community spirit participation must be made wary of not taking that too literally.. Don't worry for violence, stakes are blunt. ((Sharp wit, haha))  




Call to All:- 

To turn against living in a horrible beguiling nature detached modernity, all our furtures are therefore dependent on the heart of each person and individual that can mend and set free us all,  but with mind to not neglect to ensure being informed in any reformation of data... And yet not be blinded by science, more than the consciousness of human spirit can sustain reason... Or that which merits further investigation can hold water in cognicence with any human or animal vestige where upon robots abd technology have not succeeded in taking all from us. 


... As the mere mortal pillars of an inevitably MIXED society, each one of us, conspiracy literate or not, has his or her duty, to be the cornerstone of a life in ever after by the actions we take today. Or maybe tomorrow. No, today... Hehe. Tomorrow and today. 

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Edit I was timed out to include.. 


Only a small part of the above :)




...pfft... Who OF ANYONE knows *outright* and so that still remains elusive to fathom no matter whose principle side or science understanding we are on side with.



(new edit point end) 

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These protests are having an impact. This is why I always stressed it's essential not to powerise governments by suggesting we're doomed to this age-old "New World Order" which pops up at every crisis point in history. During the wars with Iraq or Yugoslavia for example.
These people who protested ranged from middle class parents, the bourgeousie or building site workers. Lots of people who "get" something is very wrong at present.
Here's what's causing alarm: Children being scarred psychologically and taught to avoid other people. Victimisation of people as "carriers" and jobs being lost accordingly. People fined and confined in an open prison. A trend to do away with society and force us to depend upon the internet, not as a tool but as a tracking mechanism. And fake science is destroying our immunity - turning us into weaklings as we hide from nature behind stupid masks. Totally ridiculous.
Seems Boris and others are feeling the strain now. Of course, this is a global attack on populations and mostly all countries being brainwashed. Behind it mass psychosis and hyperchondria coupled with delusion.

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8 hours ago, Shining-one said:

Children being scarred psychologically and taught to avoid other people.


I already avoided people a long time ago, prior plandemic 😉 but yeah serioisly you really have to feel for the children, especially the very very young who literally have a freak show theatre play out in front of them, all a coverted perverted blocking of the senses. Imagine to see only a vision of the world that parades in such scary weirdness as it would be for a todller. Its quite heart breaking to imagine what toil and confusion must be going through their preconceptual forming of ideas stage of intiuition in their little heads.

I mean people in masks look  sinsister, & non-descript, and kind of eerie to such small children I can bet... and whilst I don't have a family following on from me, the fear of  encumbered intuition to them before they even get to school age must be immensely off putting. And yeah a psychological scarring, with huge certainty. 



Hi to you shining One. 🙂

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Thinking about it *actual theatre* is often represented in a symbol showing 2×masks..  Isn't that something!.. Whilst suiting enough for ACTUAL theatre, the kinds of masks we, most of us, are all led to wear are another tale of insanity... (for me though in some circumstances, like being in a smallish town I have restricted numbers of outlets to shop at and can't afford to get banned from all, so sometimes not worth the hassle to go maskless, I regret to say, but I don't take crap... Called a shop keeper a fascist not so long ago, after she pointedly made an  assertive pincer movement on me... She walked up to me all arrogant and self important and said "keep your mask up don't let it slip again!"... <<Bitch!... 🙀Felt like I had been roasted and sort of humiliated but don't worry I verbally hit back using "fascist" to have full impact in return) and so yeah when it gets to be we feel indefinitely wedded to masks, like our bloody mobile phones, then it is  a gross scandal and insult to our intelligence to take this treatment forever. 



I like one of the protest videos shown, of London on this forum where a guy had a sign saying FREE YOUR FACE!! (simply depicted as smiley>   ":-)". ) 

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