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Subliminal suggestion & mind control PATENTS

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If a patent has been issued , it's primitive tech ...stone age ...


Information is , that when the Annunaki first messed with us thousands of years ago , they split our minds into conscious and subconscious . This is not a natural state of being  ..It means we have no awareness of the greatest part of our mind ... This can be demonstrated by a hypnotist who can put someone under and get them to perform complex operations and they will have no awareness or memory  of what they've done ...  CIA have been doing this with trauma based mind control for a long time ...


But the Annunaki must have envisioned this time in history when the electronic tech allows for MASS MINDCONTROL ...


So under ET direction the Cabal have manufactured fantastically miniaturized chips ... these have been put in food , we all have these in our bodies , they transform signals carried on 3/4/5G , translate the data into a form that enters the subconscious mind and influences our decisions ... This is why people wear masks and believe in covid ...and take the vaccines , despite massive evidence of nasty effects..  


Covid may also be about using swabs to get nano chips into the brain ... this , with 5G could take mind control to a whole new level ... if they transmit the message "humans are delicious " the most suggestable among the population , could start chewing on their fellows ...WWZ 

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