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For the last 5 days ive had texts on my phone,followed up by calls,and then calling my landline just after leaving me voicemails saying they want to talk to me.

finally on day 5 i answered and a young lady said she was here to "support" me ??...really i said how so ?..she said that she was going to record me to update my profile.i said "let me stop you right there!"..." i said " i do not give you permission to make any profile of me whatsoever,and i do not consent to being recorded for any purpose",,i said you can have my date of birth and name only"..... about 10 seconds of silence and then the line went dead....this was after my GP surgery had done the same but they asked me why i didnt want the Jab .i said "its my choice and i don.t have to explain to you why"...they are so desperate to jab us all and we know why don.t we...i find the lengths their going to unbelievable..what next a vist from heavies!?.........what a crazy world this has become....some one needs to take out Gates and his fellow creatures and the whole thing would collapse...just my opiniom..so keep pushing back and tell them all to fuck off!..by the way i was very polite when i spoke to these people..they caught me on a good day!...lol!

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From one soul 2 another. My dad is in his 80's, several months ago he was getting constant harassment. The NHS has his mobile number, home phone number and address. It started with letters (ignored) than texts messages (ignored) then ringing his mobile non stop (ignored). Then the house phone more than once a day (ignored). It surprised me that they left messages on the answer phone. He got that innoyed he was going to answer the phone and tell them to FOFF. I told him do not answer and do not get into contract with them. He has just told me when he goes to the hospital which is monthly they are trying to pressurise him into taking the jab, he refuses it. When he says no to them, they want to know the reason why.


Now it's my turn they have started on me. The letters go straight in the bin.



I've seen a few vids if you don't take the stupid test they do not want to help.


My biggest worry is, if your not vaxxed you will not get treatment.







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Yes Grumpy Owl we all need to search the forum before posting. No doubt there will be a thread with the topic. I totally understand that posts need to be kept in one thread and not scattered. I have made that mistake myself by posting in general chat but Basket Cage was good enough to put it in the right place. Heads up to you Grumpy Owl and all mods your doing a good job, no doubt hard work.


Peace and love to ya x

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