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WHAT IS IT WITH INDIA?.....( ..now pets worry in UK(!)).


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There is ZERO hygiene in India. They are the filthiest, most disgusting race on earth. The streets are full of human shit. Cow shit is sacred. The Ganges is full of rotting corpses, humans, cows, babies, dogs, cats.


If you live in shit, you must expect to get sick. Maybe if they actually washed occasionally and stopped shitting everywhere, things MIGHT get better.



agreed about the hygene thing, but you cant class ALL indians the same.i,d like to know what percentage of westernised indians there are in the population,I.E.  who go out to work and live as you and i 

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First hand from India – it’s not ‘Covid’ that’s killing people – it is starvation and genocide



Genocide. Starvation. Corruption. This is the truth about what’s really going on in India under the guise of the COVID19 virus and the alleged pandemic.

These are not my words. These are the words of someone living in India who reached out to me to get her message out about the genocide that is taking place, right now, all under the guise of ‘strains and variants’ of COVID19. People are dying of starvation and lack of medical care. She’s witnessing and experiencing at first-hand the horrors of what is happening. 

Here’s her message:

“I am writing to you about the genocide that is taking place in India. Millions have already died of starvation during the ongoing lockdowns. The government and media are lying and making it look like the virus.

Although a national lockdown hasn’t been imposed this year, many states are in either total lockdown or under strict restrictions. Most cities, including Pune, where I live, have been under total lockdown for weeks now.

Restaurants, shops, gyms, theatres, basically everything is shut. The cities are ghost towns. Even so called ‘essential’ businesses are only open till 11 am in the morning. You basically have just an hour to buy food and then your time is up.

Inter-state travel and even inter-district travel is banned. The cops wait at all major crossroads to question why you are traveling outdoors or to fine you if you are not wearing a mask.

The medical community here is also complicit in genocide, lying about hospitals being full and turning away people with genuine illnesses, who need immediate care. They have even created a shortage of oxygen cylinders.

Hospitals are turning people with genuine conditions away, claiming that there are no empty beds. The government has created a shortage of oxygen supply. As I mentioned earlier, all patients undergoing any operation or procedure have to first undergo an RT-PCR test or they are refused treatment. I experienced this first-hand.

Since last year, there has been a government order that you cannot undergo any medical procedure, unless you get a PCR test done. Unfortunately, I had to undergo a procedure last year. I did not have time to use common law or any other tactic as I was in a lot of pain. In the end, I had no choice but to be basically skull raped.  

Even in the OR, they taped the mask to my face because I kept pulling it down.

But my plight is nothing compared to that of the poor. Millions have already died of starvation. The people hit hardest are the migrant workers and those in rural areas. Most businesses employ migrant workers and with everything shut, there are no jobs, no income and no food. As result, millions are now dying of starvation or malnutrition.


More and link to full article: https://davidicke.com/2021/05/02/first-hand-from-india-its-not-covid-thats-killing-people-it-is-starvation-and-genocide/

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I am from the silicon valley of India.. it is all just hype, I never took test, Never wear mask and I am the safest person in the subcontinent.. you can understand.. it is all lies and shamelessly the deaths are being projected, why they are happening only in hospitals and of only tested and masked people and vaccinated people.. 

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