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Hi All,


i have just just seen the latest dot connector podcast. Incredibly powerful. Every sentence, every word resonated the truth. Without the the truth you have nothing in life.


i have followed David since April last year and have been wide awake for the past year. Thank you very much because for the first couple of weeks I was fearful. But now as each week passed I realised the enormity of the fraud taking place before our very eyes. I have been watching the video dot connector casts for about Year, in fact I look forward to them. This weeks shook me to the core. In my personal experiences in life I have seen people whom I love and think highly succumb to this obvious manipulation of people. Completely brainwashed. I never thought I would live to see the day that so many people, most of whom I know are otherwise lovely people. They do not see it or, as I’m increasingly beginning to feel, refuse to see it. It is literally the ostriche syndrome. I have so much love for you David and everyone fighting the fight. Though, I must say it is so hard for many people who realise something’s afoot, but cannot say anything because they will lose their form of income. It is the hunger games. I think this is coming soon. I have had utmost respect for what you do. You are a hero in my eyes. The best heroes don’t get the credit they deserve One last thing though, I am a ttanswoman. Though I hate boxes and putting people in them. In fact, I’m a human being who happened to be a boy at birth who knew from my earliest memories this was in correct. In any event as you often say, it doesn’t matter what you are, we are all experiencing a fleeting moment in infinity. Keep up the phenomenal work. You are an inspiration Xx

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