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On 9/24/2021 at 2:19 PM, Firebird said:

According to the scripture this refers too, 666 is the mark of the beast that are put in people's forehead or hand. So it can't be the vaccine.

The vaccine is a tool to achieve more control. I imagine a microchip could be a ''mark of the beast'' as it will be most convenient to pay and enter a place with a microchip under the skin of your hand. We already use hands to get money, card or keys. I'm not sure about the forehead. Maybe something that develops from Musk's technology, the tech in your brain, which I suppose could link with the chip under the skin's hand. Any thoughts?

You could always take the "vaxxination" and find out.  A priest who recently took it and said he had been warned by his inner intuition (Holy Spirit) not to.  Disregarding this, he said just after he got it, he felt as if he'd lost his spirituality.  He was not able to pray, perform any priestly duties, didn't feel adequate for any spiritual work.  This vaxxine contains graphene oxide (black goo) which is basically a nano-gel which spreads across the nervous system, turning people into antennas for 5G technology.  If you are thinking so simplistically as to not think this has to do with the so termed "mark of the beast", I feel for you.  Although the "666" has been with us for time immemorial, it's only recently come into physical manifestation.  I could go on for much longer explaining why this is the mark of the beast, but most people don't have time.  If you don't read and research to find out about an injection produced by scientists whose chief motivation is population reduction and the implementation of an AI network they alone will control, you'll simply be another statistic.  The Lord (Yeshua ) has warned over and over again about this "injection".  Also, the actual term "mark of the beast" according to Vedic tradition, referred to the color of one's aura centered across the forehead.  In those spiritually aware and compassionate people, this color was a golden yellow representing the development of the soul.  In materialistic, non-spiritual people, this was a reddish hue, marking a weak, gullible, go along to get along person.  This vaxxine eradicates or deadens the portion of the human brain which is used to communicate/connect with the Divine.  If this isn't the mark of the beast, I couldn't tell you what is.  The "mark of the beast" is here, it's not coming sometime close in the future.  Nevertheless, it can be mitigated by a spiritual healer or mystic who knows how to work with energy, but there still remains the need to renounce anything to do with the world system.  The deprogramming and training of the mind and soul is still to be accomplished, and as time goes on, (and very little time now), it will be one thousand times more difficult to renounce the system they are trying to put in place in front of people's faces in the name of "Covid".   May I suggest looking at the lecture a man named Rudolf Steiner gave in 1912 in Berlin saying that "not long from now, a vaccine will be developed to eradicate the tendency toward spiritual thought in people.  It will be regarded as insane to possess any inclination toward spirituality and the divine".   Very relevant the time we live in.

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