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Geoengineering & CO2: Is there a Silicon based life agenda?


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(Reposted to include more data)


The very real effort toward carbon neutrality is an attack on carbon based life.  After analyzing patterns of atmospheric CO2 concentrations and global fossil fuel usage there is no lock step correlation between the two.  So something else is regulating carbon sinks and atmospheric CO2 (the SUN).  Anthropogenic production of CO2 has been good for our planet; CO2 fertilization has made earth greener and has increased bushels per acre of farm grown food (the benefits of CO2 are never discussed by the IPCC or their legion).


So what is the agenda beyond the obvious? (depopulation, globalization, CCP world government)   Beyond all that... could CO2 be poisoning extraterrestrials?  I believe we are visited by alien life (the evidence is overwhelming).   Olivine (silicates) are part of geoengineering as a means of sequestering CO2.  The effect is reduced CO2 isn't good for carbon consuming plankton and silicates feed diatoms.  Diatoms are alga that naturally extracts silicon from the ocean.  If olivine feeds diatoms then ocean chemistry changes favoring diatoms.  Plankton will suffer huge decreases.  Increasing silicates into the ocean a good idea?  Here is a study;


"Here we analyse the intended and unintended effects of one specific geoengineering approach, which is enhanced weathering via the open ocean dissolution of the silicate-containing mineral olivine. This approach would not only reduce atmospheric CO2 and oppose surface ocean acidification, but would also impact on marine biology. If dissolved in the surface ocean, olivine sequesters 0.28 g carbon per g of olivine dissolved, similar to land-based enhanced weathering. Silicic acid input, a byproduct of the olivine dissolution, alters marine biology because silicate is in certain areas the limiting nutrient for diatoms."



And here is further explanation;


According to the study, 92 per cent of the CO2 taken up by the oceans would be caused by changes in the chemical make-up of the water, whilst the remaining uptake would be down to changes in marine life through a process known as ocean fertilisation.

Ocean fertilisation involves providing phytoplankton with essential nutrients to encourage its growth. The increased numbers of phytoplankton use CO2 to grow, and then when it dies it sinks to the ocean floor taking the CO2 with it.

“In our study we only examined the effects of silicate in olivine. Silicate is a limiting nutrient for diatoms – a specific class of phytoplankton. We simulated with our model that the added input of silicate would shift the species composition within phytoplankton towards diatoms.


Diatoms are also known as Harmful Algae blooms.  They create HAB toxins.


Reducing plankton (food) and replacing it with diatoms will kill off marine life.  The added silicon to our oceans is farming the oceans with silicon, possibly to support silicon based life?   Any thoughts on this?

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