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What if the NWO has been infiltrated?


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I often have a debate with myself as to whether I woke up or was woken up. 

Because I’m someone who identified as a Democrat up until about 3 years ago. I posted for the Women’s March, I rallied against racism, I cried when Trump beat Hilary. Etc. 


I was very much asleep. Then in summer 2019, I had a very abrupt event. I just got juiced with the light and was in a heightened state of consciousness for 4 days. At the time I thought it was God, a kundalini awakening, my higher self... something of that sort. 

But maybe it was my ego that wanted to believe that something of a divine nature had a special interest in me or that against all odds I broke free. When maybe, someone with impressive technology just swung open the prison door and let me out. 

I always have to remind myself that as crazy as everything has been for the last 2 years that things may very well be going exactly as planned. 

How do you unfuck a brainwashed world? How do you show people that their government is bullshit, their media is bullshit, their health authorities are bullshit, their idols are bullshit, the food they are being served is bullshit, their education system is bullshit? Well you can’t just tell them. Cognitive dissonance will kick in and they will not hear a word of it. You have to show them. 

How do you show them? By turning up the agenda volume way too high.

And this had all occurred to me before. It’s pretty much the backbone of Q. The great awakening, trust the plan, disinformation is necessary. But there was just so much damn misinformation that my trust waned. And perhaps that was by design as well. 


Ive seen the Q account theories about all the bad guys already being in jail...replaced by clones etc. And I dunno...maybe. I have seen plenty of evidence that we live in a simulated reality, and I suppose it is easy enough to replace a sim. But today another possibility occurred to me. 

I was lighting up celebrities shilling for Earth Day.. when I glanced at the situation from the perspective of a celebrity for the first time. Why the hell do they put up with this? Were they sold a fake plan? Just make all the social media posts we tell you to and you will be the rulers of the new world? Oh and there is going to be this little distraction campaign about you drinking babies blood, no rational person would ever believe..


But there was a lot more to the Q movement than that wasn’t there? It taught people to start questioning everything. I never believed Covid was a real threat for 1 minute because I went through Q school. 

I just can’t imagine being a Hollywood actress right now and every post that I am required to make...I get lit up in the comments...called a pedo, called a traitor, called a shill. And very few of them delete the negative comments. I certainly would if it was my page. I assume they are required to leave it up...ya know...to cause division and keep people arguing. But they have to know that their reputations will forever be tarnished. I comment things like, “They are going to throw you away when they are done with you.” “Once they have control, they won’t need you anymore” You know...just pointing out the drawbacks of working for evil. I had one celeb comment back and not even deny that her strings were being pulled. 

It may be that they have received a great big pie-in-the-sky promise of better days ahead if they remain loyal. They have been convinced that the plan is to manipulate and divide us, when they are actually the marks. They just keep doubling down on the propaganda. But what they are actually doing is participating in their own orchestrated destruction. Same with the race-bating media. Same with “Healthcare” authorities and everyone else. 


If anyone is susceptible to falling into an ego trap it’s big deal people.

Just like us, they’ve been told that they’ve already won. Just a bit longer now. 


Who is being lied to, I wonder? 











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