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On 9/30/2022 at 12:27 AM, BossCrow said:


Every break time she used to breast feed her kids, through the school railings, she was making a point about Margaret Thatcher stopping the free school milk in 1971. 'Thatcher The Milk Snatcher', you had a lot to answer for, those kids are now in their sixties and still seeing therapists!

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3 hours ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


Reminds me of a T-shirt I've had for years that has printed on the frint...


"What do we want?"


"A cure for tourettes"


"When do we want it?"



Reminds of the man who told the doctor he suffered terribly for years from having a very short temper. The doctor said 'how long have you been this way'? The man said 'I've told you once you cunt, get your fuckin' ears checked you twat'!😡

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