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Coordinated Destruction Of Our Atmosphere


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Just read it on Financial Times:

"Carbon capture: planetary detox needs jump start from state.

Government intervention is required, whether through tax breaks, carbon pricing or direct funding"....  


Such messages are everywhere in the media (definitely planned propaganda)...

“ExxonMobil proposes carbon storage plan for Texas port”

“Drax to seek approval for ‘negative emissions’ energy project”

“UK energy market faces ‘instability’ over carbon trading delay”

“The creative climate accounting of biomass”

“Lex in-depth: how carbon prices will transform industry”

“Norway’s Viking ‘Longship’ goes after greenhouse gas emissions”



WTF... THIS IS BAD people.


Those "green" freaks will suck-out our atmosphere without our permissions.

They communicate with each other and coordinate efforts trough official media channels. They show it into our faces and we still don't see it.

This is not just oil, natural gas, or commodities collection, it has no borders.

This technology will catch you anywhere on the planet, you can't hide from it, or outrun it...


Less CO2 = less flora = less Oxygen = less people...


Those psychopaths must be stopped.

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They are killing carbon based life.  Why?  To understand it think as they do... carbon is a poison.  Not a poison to us, CO2 fertilizes the earth.  More = More life.  Less = Less life.  So why are they killing us?  More afoot than we realize.  

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