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List of countries by external debt - a pledge

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This is all as clear as mud  .... It shows UK as one of the most indebted nations , each person owing $127K but owing it to who? 


The wikipedia page says ..." while a country may have a relatively large external debt , it could actually be a "net international creditor" if its external debt is less than the total of the external debt of other countries held by it."


So the implication is this debt is owed to other countries .... then why are ALL countries in debt? 


EDIT ... I think I get it now .... I believe these wikipedia pages on economics are deliberately obtuse to hide the fact the Rothshild Banking cartel are owed all this money, and charge interest on it ...


But countries can also loan money to other countries , so the quote I highlighted above is technically true , but in practice rarely happens. 

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List looks like its trade deficit or something like that. No wonder US and UK near the top coz we don't produce anything.


All based on US dollar denominated system so US gets the best deal.


They print money for free, exchange it for real stuff from china who collect the worthless money. So good idea for them to get into as much "debt" as possible whilst people keep giving them real stuff in exchange


That's why China wants to go away from the dollar denominated system cos the dollar is falling and they have loads of treasuries denominated in dollars. Which means they'll stop exporting to the US too.

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