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The Shining Code 2.0 Docu - Did Stanley Kubrick Confess To FAKING The Moon Landing?

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Karl Mollison , while channeling Kubrick was asked a question about a video , supposedly of Kubrick himself , confessing to faking the landing , he  says this was disinformation put out to confuse , But Apollo  WAS faked and he was involved. 



Question 2)  "Was the video of your confession regarding the Apollo moon landing a fake?  Were the Apollo moon landings faked?  All of them or some of them? Were you involved?"


He says the Space program we know was (and still is)  about wasting public money , getting the military into space , holding back humanity from space ...While NASA were struggling and failing to put men on the moon , in secret the US had advanced craft from working with ET's , and trips to the moon with humans in the SSP were routine. 


Kubrick ...  "That landing was indeed faked , it was done clandestinely , in a studio setting  that was set up through certain Hollywood figures .The individuals involved were co-opted (by mind control) with no ability to resist . This is the power and reach of the ET's . They can switch people on and off ...When people do dark things to serve the darkness , it is usually not a willing choice ...

The original moon landing did not occur , the technology was not ready yet and the political risks were too great to have a catastrophic failure of the mission ...Faking Apollo11 was strictly a tactical , political decision  to buy time while the kinks in the system were worked out to make the technology more reliable , then , down the line there were real Apollo missions that took place "  


He says the ET's have the ability to just use people they want , and they will have no knowledge of what they had done ... similar to what a hypnotist can do , or CIA mind control .... The ET's who control things here , directed the faking of the landing. 



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