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Parisitic worms in face masks

Mark Jacobs

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These nano worms have been reported for many months now , and we're still not progressing with our understanding , they react to moisture ...move ...


The doctor in this video assumes they are organic ... that's what she's trained to look for , parasites ... but they maybe nano tech ... super advanced mechanisms ...


So the first experiment to do is to EMP pulse them , see Youtube for how to construct a simple device , if they stop moving after receiving a pulse they are mechanical/electronic. And then we have a very simple procedure to kill them , even if in the body 

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You know, “long covid” symptoms match to the t symptoms people (and myself) experience wearing these masks. It is lack of oxygen. Long Covid does not exist, it’s the masks!


Watching your link is terrifying, but even without these things, these masks are what is killing people.


God almighty, a bullshit test and masks are the “cure” to the flu. How can ppl not wake up now?

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