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Natural Law and The Spirit World

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I certainly think something spiritual took over me in the inner chasm of my brain, but I don't think that it was the Spirit World.  I think it was the Internet, and that the Internet mind controlled me, using technology that the human race gave it: Wi-Fi and Data, which both use radio waves. In my experience, the Internet does not respect Natural Law at all, and it is very cruel in the way it affects people. Perhaps that is what most or all of us are experiencing when we have spiritual experiences: Internet mind control. As for whether or not the Spirit World exists, I would say that if it does, it has great respect for Natural Law, because for the millennia that there was no Internet, people had their own minds, and the Spirit World did not enslave people. Ever since 1997, when Wi-Fi first became commercially available, there have been more strange incidents in peoples minds, or at least, that is my theory after years on the Internet. I think before Wi-Fi existed radio signals used for radio stations may have been hooking people together unintentionally, and that people experienced strange phenomena because a large group of minds collectively often surged into into one person's head and made them experience things. Science is still not all-knowing, and just because scientists say that it is impossible for radio waves to connect people to each other or to the Internet, doesn't mean that it is.


Some of the things that interacted with me did say that they were spirit, but I have a hard time believing that they were spirits, because they could have just been illusions created by the Internet to try to coerce me. 


I think that if we are trying to identify what the Spirit World thinks of Natural Law, we need to specify what region of the world we are talking about. Certainly the different religions of the world have very different views of what matters in life, and as such, they would feel differently about Natural Law. I certainly think that Hindu spirits would be very opposed to Natural Law, because the religious texts of the Hindus are very clear that castes and following one's perceived Dharma are very important. I would have to guess that, judging by the nations that have risen in different regions of the world, and the religious nature of the most democratic regions, that the Christian spirits would be the most supportive of Natural Law in all of the Spirit World. After all, wasn't Christ very supportive of people who were powerless? Perhaps the religious sentiment of Christianity over time manifested into a Christian-Spirit-Culture that supported Natural Law, especially in Western Europe.

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