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How Religions (Governments) Distort And Deform Our Reality.


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What do religions aka "governments" need symbolism and rituals for?

Why do they like to perform tortures, killings, brutality in the name of their gods?
What does it give to them? What is the benefit?
To discover it, we need to unfold the structure of our reality.


Everything is energy (“being at work” from Greek), including void, galaxies, stars, planets, moons, rocks, metals, air, trees, animals, people, etc… Everything has its energetic field or aura (Aura – in Greek goddess of breeze/life), even if it already has its own so-called “solid” (physical) body. That “body” is pure energy too, but wrapped into a different form of existence, with different half-life periods and its own awareness.

The energy of those fields penetrates the reality inside-out in different directions. One can say: we are drifting in an energetic soup/ocean/field/network that we call the “Cosmos”. Nobody knows where it begins, or ends, if ever, how many Universes and dimensions it has and for how long it exists.


Through that energy (waves/frequencies), everything is inter-connected. Within that field the unlimited information/knowledge and ever-being consciousness intertwined is.
Homo sapiens is linked to this information field (network) and that consciousness too. It is believed that each human is a unique point of attention/awareness of that ever-being consciousness, experiencing and adding knowledge about this reality/dimension (band of frequencies) and when our “physical” body cannot support life inside anymore, we (our energy/frequency/soul) returning to that pull of awareness to start a new journey, possibly in another dimension/Universe/time.


It is assumed that a vital organ in our body that allows this connection is a “pineal gland”, also known as a “third eye” and our energetic centers (chakras). Through it, one can interact with this network mutually on a conscious/subconscious level, by sending requests/questions and receiving responses/answers.


Understanding of this energetic symbioses/connection is crucial for human beings because it gives us the knowledge that we are ever-existing beings and not slaves for some religious psychopaths that constantly cursing us and putting spells on our existence. That awareness literally lifts fear of death from us, unblocks our third eye (intuition, insights, acumen, vision, perspicacity, discernment, etc), so we just know what is right and wrong in the world that surrounds us.


It unlocks our understanding of the forces that staying behind the enslavement of the human race and how to resist, withstand and overcome this evil in our day-to-day lives. We are not afraid of telling the truth and making right decisions anymore. It set us truly free. We know that we have life, love and hope inside of us and they are and ever will be stronger than death, hate and fear.


However, when we are staying in a low frequency/vibration stage (negative emotions, anger, terror, phobias, etc..), we are losing connection with this ever-existed energy/information/consciousness/awareness pool and obtaining fear of death again because our energetic communication channels are shut and our spiritual aura can be easily corrupt by the malice influence of the extraterrestrial entities and curses that those ancient dark religions are unleashing upon us 24/7/365.


Religions/churches/elite also know that and they do anything possible to force the population to stay in that negative frequency phase (bandage).
Why? Because in this state they can readily manipulate our perception, our possibilities, our choices, our actions and therefore our reality. It also allows a handful of “psychopathic rulers” dictate their will upon whole humanity.


They doing it by using words (spells) to shape (program) our consciousness and unconsciousness, to control our perception and reality, to put boundaries on our minds, to determine what we can and cannot do, to hide/cover the possibilities that exist from us, etc…


Have you ever heard about NLP? Neuro-linguistic programming? This is the modern expression of well known for religions/churches/elite techniques to pre-frame our conscious and subconscious, to implant certain ideas that driving/forcing us to make decisions and steps in our life without realizing where we’ve got that mindset and thoughts from. To keep us under constant surveillance and slavery. Mind control.


Why do they give so much attention to the words?
What is a word/sound? It is a written/painted/carved/etc… (in symbols) or a vocal (sound/melody), or an energetic (in thoughts) equivalent of a meaning. One can also express words (meanings) by a nonverbal language, like gestures, or colors (it can be attributed to symbols).


Every time a word/symbol is written, read, pronounced, or thought, or a sound/melody is rang, it creates vibrations in our inner and surrounding energetic fields. Those vibrations have specific tonalities (frequencies) which produce resonance in our “material” body and in our surrounding. They are changing our energetic fields, therefore our reality, even if we don’t understand the meaning of those words, symbols, or sounds.


From those vibrations, by interpreting them, our brain creates chemical elements inside of our bodies. Those frequencies/chemicals affect our immune/nervous/blood/digest and other systems. The energy (vibrations) from words/sounds/symbols influences in one way or another everything surrounding us too: things, air, people, etc…. How? It depends of the meaning of those words/symbols/thoughts/sounds.


There are different graduations of meanings of words, symbols and thoughts that we are saying, reading, seeing, thinking, writing…: all of them have various frequencies levels, from negative (low) like fear and hate, to positive (high) like hope and love. Those vibrations effect our reality literally, making it as miserable, or as wonderful as it can be.


When we hear/see/read/think about words/symbols with negative to us meaning (low frequency vibrations), those words/sounds/symbols (frequencies) affect (corrupt) our energetic field and force our body to produce toxins, if our mind is not trained to resist it consciously and unconsciously.


Therefore, we can feel anger, frustration, lack of strength, energy drain, mental breakdowns, depression, etc… Guess where is our energy going? Who is receiving it? Exactly: the ones who had produced those words/sounds/symbols (meaning).


When we see/hear a word/sound/symbol, even if we don’t understand the true meaning of them it doesn’t mean that this word/symbol/sound does not affect us and our environment.
Religions/churches/elite know and exploit that. That is why they surrounding and implanting their symbols/signs/coat of arms/colors/flags/mottos/sounds (their energy/frequencies) all around the countries, cities, buildings, streets, on tv, newspapers, magazines, official documents, etc. They are everywhere. If you looking for them, you’ll find them in places that you’ve never thought about.


They are “invisible” for the most people (if we are not aware about them and their influence). In example, think about sounds from temples/tower/sanctus bells in catholic/christian/buddhist countries or the chants/prayers in islamic and other counties, etc…


This is exactly what we talking about. Almost unnoticeable when you live there, but they do their job well. They distort/corrupt our reality (on the energetic levels), claiming and possessing the space/land/territory/energy and transferring the ownership over our bodies, our souls, our children, over the land where we live and the goods we have to the “real” owners and their dead gods.


If we turn on TV, radio, or Internet, if we take a newspaper, a magazine, or other media source, the first thing that we see, most likely, will be bad news (low frequency energy). Think about it. How many books, movies out there that don’t promote violence, crime, tortures, sexual abuse, killings, wars, occult rituals, different forms of religious/cults, money obsessions and dictatorships, etc…?


Almost everything that the world media system produces nowadays aiming to keep our energetic aura in a low dimension, negative frequency level. Do you think it is just a coincident? We have to understand that in its roots the mass media is on a payroll of the religions.


Because the biggest financial institutions/banks of the world (Federal Reserve, World Bank, ECB, IMF, ect…) that funding so called “independent” media agencies and advancing influence of ancient religions in the world are derivatives of the old clerical financial structures, in particular “Papal Treasury” and currently are run by Vatican and its representatives like Order (Knights) of Malta.


You can ask yourself:

Why do they do that? Why don’t they have mental and moral torments?

The answer is simple: Inbreeding.

The kings of Mesopotamia, the pharaohs of Egypt and their religions have been ruling those lands since +4000 BC (some sources saying +10.000 BC). Their heir is controlling the world now. It means that the current elite has at least +420, most likely +900, generations of a very restricted and merciless selection.


Because their “powers” were transferred by heritage, all generations of those rulers/religious leaders have developed in themselves specific psychological skills. Like lack of empathy, mercilessness, violence, domination, cruelty, arrogance, deceit, hypocrisy, betrayal, sadism, narcissism, but also intelligence, inventiveness and cleverness… They are real sociopaths. They don’t feel guilty for the harm they cause and they find pleasure in other people’s suffering.


Many of them were and are involved in bloody dark rituals, human sacrifices, child abuse and pedophilia. They are human blood drinkers and cannibals literally. They do and will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, even if it requires torture and killing of millions or billions of people.


That is why the governments/religions killed in many times more people than all the natural disasters/cataclysms combine, including pandemics. By the way, most pandemics arose because of governments/religious activities (robberies of the population, wars, genocide, military experiments and researches).


Without those skills, they could not survive as the rulers in their own world, because the weak-ones were rapidly consumed (erased from existence) by more evil-ones. Those bloodlines even mated only with relatives, in order to preserve their power (psychological corruption/genes/DNA) within the family.


Throughout the centuries, they supported each other by any means in order to keep the “status quo”, to rule the slaves. They divided the Earth in several regions of influence (“regis” means: of the king from Latin). First by enforcing there their churches/religions and gods. Then jealously guarded the borders of their possessions, exterminating all who tried to implant there other beliefs.


The same is applicable for people from different reinforcement institutions (military, army, mercenaries, secret services, police, etc…). Very often, they have been serving there generations after generations. We can call them the “Cerberus” (In Greek mythology a multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld).


Their psychological/genetic/DNA profile was cultivated too. They had developed the similar psychological deformity as their bosses, except less narcissism, but unquenchable urge and propensity to obey orders from authorities.


Guess what changed since then? – Nothing. To be able to join those forces now candidates have to perform different tests, complete/pass specific psychological exams and physical trainings. After that, they have to take an oath of allegiance (religious ritual of devotion, loyalty and sacrifice).


Therefore, the rulers will know exactly that the candidates’ profiles fit rulers’ needs and requirements and the candidates will do whatever they’ve been told to do.

Most of those jarheads cannot behave and cannot think as freeborn human beings. Because they were grown/cultivated/selected to do their jobs. It is wired-in in their DNA and genes permanently.


That is why they will obey the orders without questions and hesitation (in most cases). If the ruler said: kill, they will kill. We have to be aware about it.


Read more about our reality and join us here:

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