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C.C covid cult does not want to remove a non existent Theton from your body but some thing else that has not been proven to excist, that being a virus, in Scientology  like with C.C you pay with your life.

Boris has a Road to freedom,

Scientology has 'The bridge to total freedom's

Have the jab as and your free,

No, no there is more to come.

Scientology have going clear, but that's not the end you have to go up O.T levels.

Anyone who says anything about Scientology is called a S.P, anyone you questions the C.C is called a conspiracy theorist.

Scientology also has disconnecting when they are told to have no contact with friends or family who are S.P

C.C is doing the same thing.

Do all cults work the same way, how are these other cults coping with the  C.C

Do they give away there cult and follow the biggest cult. I'm not sure you can be in two different cults at one time.





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