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Is Russia part of the New World Order?

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On 3/8/2022 at 10:39 PM, Macnamara said:


you can see how pressure has been exerted through and since the 2014 coup that would inevitably lead to trouble as Ukraine does not recognise crimeas referendum result to split away from the ukraine so if they joined nato and then invaded crimea (they already cut off the water supply to crimea) they would drag nato into the ensuing conflict with russia. It just creates a kind of domino effect:


5 Mar, 2022 14:42

Putin explains why Ukraine attack went beyond Donbass

“They began to say more actively that they will admit [Ukraine] to NATO. What will this lead to? All other members of the alliance must back Ukraine in the case of a military conflict,” Putin said. “They will [attack] Crimea, and we will be forced to go to war with NATO. Do you understand the consequences?” The president stated that he wanted Ukraine to become a neutral country.

Crimea voted to leave Ukraine and join Russia shortly after the 2014 coup in Kiev. It was during that time that the DPR and LPR broke away from Ukraine.

“Let’s acquire nuclear weapons, they say [in Ukraine]. We can’t simply ignore it,” Putin said, referring to President Volodymyr Zelensky’s remark last month that Kiev might be forced to reconsider its status as a non-nuclear-weapons state.


all double speak imo,for producing the suffering,missery and negativity in genereal that is the "TRUE GOAL"  of any war


politics are inplement just to give the idea to average person "that's how it is"


so they never see through the smoke screen of negotiation that in fact all the elite is doing is feeding their masters 

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3 hours ago, wideawake said:

Can anyone tell me who is the fella in the forefront on the left? 

He seems to be in every high level meeting with leaders...




Putin's Rabbi, Berel Lazar








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The jewish-russian oligarchs are fleeing to israel which historically is what jewish gangsters eg meyer lansky do when they are in danger


BUT and this is a big BUT are we really saying that these jewish BILLIONAIRES that grabbed all the nations assets when they were privatised after perestroika are genuinly at war with 'the west' which we know is controlled by the rothschild cabal CENTRAL BANKERS?


That CANNOT be! Oligarchs like oleg deripaska are 100% rothschild gang members


So all of this surface drama is not, i feel, telling the whole story here but what it does is show just how much wealth is controlled by jewish oligarchs. Is that 'anti-semitic' to point that out? I'm sure they would love to say that it is! But really it would require enormous levels of mental gymnastics to ignore that reality...

"The Great Jewish Oligarchs' Escape": Russian Oligarchs Flee to Israel in Bid to Dodge Sanctions

Chris Menahan
Mar. 14, 2022

Russian-Jewish oligarchs have been fleeing to Israel en masse over the past few weeks in a last minute effort to dodge US and EU sanctions, according to Israeli media reports.

At least 14 private jets from Russian oligarchs landed in Israel after sanctions were imposed

— Samuel Ramani (@SamRamani2) March 14, 2022


Russian Oligarch—Roman Abramovich's private jet landed in Israel 8 hours ago.

Israel's Holocaust museum, Yad Vashem, told US to exclude Abramovich from sanctions because ”it would hurt donations.”

Yad Vashem says Abramovich just made a VERY 'generous' eight-figure donation. 1/2 pic.twitter.com/7r6Eivrp9R

— Arctic Friend (@FriendEden100) March 14, 2022


Private jet of Russian Oligarch, Roman Abramovich, lands in Israel https://t.co/CTpsl9YBu2

— Arctic Friend (@FriendEden100) March 14, 2022


Israel avoids sanctioning oligarchs, 14 private jets arrive from Russia.
Putin pal Roman Abramovich's Jet is on its way to Israel. He donated $100 Million to Elad, a settler org responsible for ethnically cleansing 1000s of Palestinians.
Netanyahu himself gave him 🇮🇱 citizenship. pic.twitter.com/boW6ipJtzG

— Rula Jebreal (@rulajebreal) March 13, 2022


Abramovich jet lands in Turkey after Russian oligarch seen in Israel https://t.co/qZvAde9lg6 pic.twitter.com/HkpmPBmDNl

— Reuters (@Reuters) March 14, 2022


תיעוד: רומן אברמוביץ' לפני היציאה שלו מהארץ במטוסו הפרטי

עדכונים שוטפים - https://t.co/0kwzrETwNR@NoganNir pic.twitter.com/W3MeiK1JkL

— חדשות 13 (@newsisrael13) March 14, 2022


Oligarchs move to Israel. No tax for ten years. And an agreement between Israeli and Russian secret services that they don’t assassinate on each other’s territory https://t.co/8eWFpwOzNt

— Paul Lewis (@paullewismoney) March 12, 2022

From Business Insider, "At least 14 private jets from Russia landed in Israel in the past 10 days amid the latest round of oligarch sanctions":

At least 14 private jets from Russia have landed at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel, per a report by The Times of Israel.

The report cited a broadcast by Israel's Channel 12, which said that a number of rented private planes were coming from Russia and were landing in Israel.

The planes' owners were unidentified and this has led to speculation that oligarchs may be looking at ways to slip around sanctions.

[...] The UK, among others, recently sanctioned seven more Russian oligarchs, including Roman Abramovich as Insider's Kate Duffy reported. Other oligarchs had previously been sanctioned, including Gennady Timchenko, Boris Rotenberg, and Igor Rotenberg.

Haaretz has more...

As Ukraine war rages and the West tightens the screws on Russian oligarchs, many of them look to Israel to escapehttps://t.co/TrchJBE6as

— Haaretz.com (@haaretzcom) March 11, 2022

From Haaretz, "The Great Jewish Oligarchs' Escape: 'The Ground Is Trembling. They Will Stream Into Israel'":

As Ukraine war rages and the West tightens the screws on Russian oligarchs, many of them look to Israel to escape ■ Some hold Israeli citizenship, exactly for these kinds of circumstances ■ Billionaires will benefit from Israeli law, allowing them to hide sources of income for a 10-year period

[...] Israel is not obligated to any Western recommendations and has not announced restrictions of any sort on Russian businesses – and in the meantime, private jets from Russia have continued to land at Ben-Gurion Airport. One jet owned by Roman Abramovich landed at Ben-Gurion on the day after Russia’s invasion began. Nevertheless, the prevailing assessment is that Israeli banks will adopt the European and American regulatory rules, as has already been happening in recent years. Since the crisis began, and all the more so since the full-scale fighting began, there has been a noticeable increase in interest by Jewish businesspeople operating in Russia in extracting their funds from the country.

“I am currently consulting for five businesspeople active in Russia,” says attorney Ram A. Gamliel. “There is a sense of panic. It is unclear where this is going. At the same time, you have to say the truth: if it were the opposite case – if the authorities in Russia were those who were acting against the businesspeople – they would be a great deal more frightened,”

Gamliel says that the period prior to the outbreak of the war, when harsh economic sanctions had not yet been imposed, gave the businesspeople a chance to properly prepare for the eventuality: “The cutoff from SWIFT does not automatically hurt everyone; it hurts the center of investment inside Russia. Mainly, it makes it difficult to bring in or send out money from the country. Anyone who is smart managed to transfer funds during the waiting period.”

The oligarchs are businesspeople who amassed their wealth following the collapse of the Soviet Union, during the process of privatization of the country’s natural resources, like coal, oil, gas and aluminum. “I have no proof of the source of the wealth of each and every one of them, but in the broad perspective – there is no clean money whose source is in Russia. They benefited from the fruits of public corruption,” says former Meretz lawmaker Roman Bronfman, a native of Ukraine. “This is money the source of which is in an act of robbery perpetrated against all of the citizens – of natural resources or of the state budget. The average [monthly] pension in Russia comes to $200, and the gaps between rich and poor are the highest in the world.”

At first, the oligarchs were aligned with Boris Yeltsin, who pinned his hopes on them, hoping they would help turn Russia into a liberal democracy. However, with the Putin’s rise to power in 1999, he began using the legal the system to persecute the three oligarchs of the Yukos oil conglomerate: Leonid Nevzlin (who has a 20 percent ownership stake in Haaretz), Vladimir Dubov and Mikhail Khodorkovsky. The first two fled to Israel, whereas Khodorkovsky was given a 10-year prison sentence on charges of theft and tax evasion.

[...] Late last month, it was revealed on Israel’s Channel 12 that Yad Vashem had approached the U.S. ambassador to Israel, Thomas Nides, with a request that sanctions not be imposed on Abramovich. This news follows another bit of fresh information: that the oligarch has made a contribution to the museum amounting to tens of millions of dollars. “These contributions are the buying of connections – it is precisely for these events that the sanctions are happening now,” says Bronfman.

Another oligarch considered close to Putin and who contributes to Yad Vashem is the president of the0 European Jewish Congress, Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor. Kantor’s wealth was amassed following the breakup of the Soviet Union, thanks to his taking over of the extensive fertilizer industry. He has a controlling interest in Acron Group, which is traded on the London and Russian exchanges. Its share prices have been sharply down this month. Kantor is the head of a body called the World Holocaust Forum that underwrote the events marking 75 years since the end of World War II, which were held at Yad Vashem in January 2020. At the central event, Putin generated a public scandal by making incorrect statements that supported his own historical narrative of the war. Film clips with incorrect data were displayed on the screen, and it was unclear who was behind them. Yad Vashem Museum subsequently issued an official apology.

The US House and Senate just voted to give Israel another billion taxpayer dollars in addition to the nearly $40 billion they previously agreed to give them over the next decade.

Another $1 billion of US taxpayers' money goes to Israel; aren't you tired of paying taxes for roads, infrastructure, health, education, etc. only to see a significant portion go to Israel or US wars for Israel?? https://t.co/B8Pbai0cyy

— Cynthia McKinney PhD (@cynthiamckinney) March 12, 2022

After taking heat, Israel announced Monday "for the first time" that they'll comply with international sanctions against Russia.

BREAKING: Israel announces publicly for the first time it will comply with the international sanctions against Russia. FM Lapid says "Israel won't be used as a means to bypass the sanctions on Russia"

— Barak Ravid (@BarakRavid) March 14, 2022

"Israel will not be a route to bypass sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States & other western countries," Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid claimed.

Israel will not be a route to bypass sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States & other western countries. @IsraelMFA is coordinating the issue together with partners including the Bank of Israel, @Israel_MOF, @Misrad_Calcala, the Airports Authority, @Energy_IL, & others.

— יאיר לפיד - Yair Lapid🟠 (@yairlapid) March 14, 2022

We'll see what happens when this falls out of the news.




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11 minutes ago, DarianF said:

Wait a minute. I thought the NWO was just a crazy conspiracy theory. lol.


no these things are only 'conspiracy theories' when we say them but when the woke-left creates nothing burgers then that apparently is ok with the corporate media and deep state, spook controlled big tech

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Just now, Macnamara said:


no these things are only 'conspiracy theories' when we say them but when the woke-left creates nothing burgers then that apparently is ok with the corporate media and deep state, spook controlled big tech


As long as you add the hashtag prayforukraine to the end of anything, you can say whatever you like.

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14 hours ago, DarianF said:

As long as you add the hashtag prayforukraine to the end of anything, you can say whatever you like.


The world is run by an intermarried group of satanic families who control the worlds currencies through central banks and all the major corporations as well as the commodities such as oil, drugs, sex through the intelligence agencies and a network of secret societies #prayforukraine

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2 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


The world is run by an intermarried group of satanic families who control the worlds currencies through central banks and all the major corporations as well as the commodities such as oil, drugs, sex through the intelligence agencies and a network of secret societies #prayforukraine



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On 3/17/2022 at 12:39 PM, Macnamara said:


The world is run by an intermarried group of satanic families who control the worlds currencies through central banks and all the major corporations as well as the commodities such as oil, drugs, sex through the intelligence agencies and a network of secret societies #prayforukraine


Exposing secret societies, satanism and central bankers is anti-semitic, homophobic, inhuman, homophobic again and a clear violation of the Basel Code. Oh, and its also homophobic! You, sir, should be excluded from using the SWIFT system and be forced to pen a letter of appology to Taylor Swift herself! The world needs profits, not h8te! 















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13 hours ago, Truthblast said:

You, sir, should be excluded from using the SWIFT system and be forced to pen a letter of appology to Taylor Swift herself!


taylor.....sorry for never having listened to any of your music...


13 hours ago, Truthblast said:

The world needs profits, not h8te!


don't question the agenda....just go with it.....hope over hate!

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Interesting perspective looking at why the mainstream media would be suddenly admitting hunters laptop is real whilst also allowing some traction to the claims of the russians regarding biolabs in ukraine.....i agree that it does stink


Mar 29, 2022

Hunter’s laptop & Nuland’s bio-lab…a propaganda trap?


A few days ago the Daily Mail busted out an “exclusive” story, claiming that Russian “disinformation” on NATO-funded biolabs in Ukraine might be accurate after all:

Hunter Biden DID help secure millions in funding for US contractor in Ukraine specializing in deadly pathogen research, laptop emails reveal, raising more questions about the disgraced son of then vice president

The same story was picked up by the New York Post, who broke the original “Hunter’s laptop” story back in 2020.

This is one of those validating headlines we in alt media tend to rush in and grab without pausing to think about context. We KNEW we were right, and look – the Daily Mail is admitting it so it must be true.

But, let’s not do that. Let’s be smart and take stock before we snatch up this morsel, and consider what we have here.

One major point to note: This is the DAILY MAIL. The fat, corrupt heart of the MSM.

They don’t feel obliged to publish leaked stuff just because it’s undeniably true. They deny the undeniable every single day at the same time they tell massive indefensible lies.

No. If a ‘leak’ appears here it is with the express approval or requirement of at least some part of the UK/US establishment.

So, right there, we know we are reading this story from this source at this time because someone in the Establishment wants us to.

Which begs the question – why does the UK/US establishment want us to read a ton of files in the DM that SUPPORT the Russian claims of US-run biological warfare research in Ukraine?

It’s curious, isn’t it?

Almost as curious as Victoria Nuland “admitting” the labs were there in the first place:


Please do not try to earnestly counter this by saying there’s independent evidence the labs exist. Yes, there is. But why do you think that’s a factor for Nuland?

Nuland cares about evidence even less than the Daily Mail does. To her veridical truth is a minor inconvenience she encounters now and again and instantly brushes aside. She ‘admits’ what she admits for one reason. It suits her agenda to do so.

Another point to consider: Hunter Biden’s laptop used to be censored on social media

“Hunter Biden’s laptop” has been a leaky treasure trove of variously planted narratives for some time. We KNOW it’s a handy tool being wielded by – again – at least some actors in the UK/UK nexus. You want a story of sleaze or villainy out there – good place to source it is somewhere on Hunter Biden’s HDD. Because he is, unquestionably, a gross little crown prince of sleaze.

And interestingly, when the sleaze being uncovered is not politically convenient, it is subject to immediate and sweeping removal on social media. When the laptop story was first broken in the run-up to the 2020 election, both Twitter and Facebook banned all mention of the story from their platforms. Twitter even went so far as to suspend the account of the official White House Spokesperson for tweeting about it.

Nothing like that is happening on this round of laptop stories.

In fact articles in both Vox and the New York Times have quasi-admitted the laptop is genuine after labelling it misinformation for the last 18 months. Curious.

Essentially, there are three points to remember here:

  1. The Daily Mail is not honor-bound to print “leaks” just because they’re true. They lie and repress the truth all the time.
  2. Victoria Nuland had no reason at all to admit those labs exist, she lies all the time and could have lied about that if she wanted.
  3. Previous “Hunter’s laptop” stories were blocked on social media for being “misinformation”, this one was not.

Whether the laptop story is true, partly true or totally false, the fact we are seeing it is clearly an establishment contrivance.

Yet another strong indicator that those “bio labs” are a narrative that it very much suits both the West and Russia to promote.

As to possible reasons why – well it’s quite obvious how this story can be made to tie into the currently semi-dormant, but not dead, “pandemic” narrative. Particularly when we note that Russia was at pains to make it clear at least one of these labs was allegedly working on – of course – coronaviruses.

Let’s remember that from the outset the most essential thrust of the pandemic fear story was to force us to accept a) the virus was NEW and UNIQUE and b) PEOPLE NEEDED TO BE PROTECTED FROM IT.

The agenda-managers clearly did not mind about details as long as this central myth was accepted. They did not mind whether people thought it was a natural mutation or something bio-engineered. Just as long as people were afraid of it and believed ‘something must be done’ the agenda was being served.

And the pandemic narrative began to collapse when enough people saw the lie of it and refused to be afraid.

So, reinventing or reissuing the story as being about a pathogen from a terrifying Ukrainian bio-lab might be a good way to scythe through that growing awakening, no?

Another possible reason, of course, is future horror stories of mutant pathogens being released ‘by accident’ or ‘by the Russians/Ukrainians’ (you will be able to pick a side in that delicious binary and debate it forever in the ensuing lockdown/cull, which will, of course, be global and require a ton of even tighter legislation).

Such stories can also be a great ‘justification’ for widening a war or reviving a flagging war narrative, for dropping peace negotiations, cranking up sanctions or any other chaos-inducing stuff you want to introduce.

So, given the source and the huge potential this story has for promoting the ‘forever pandemic’, ‘bio-warfare’ and probably other agendas too, let’s approach with caution so we don’t end up doing the propagandists’ work for them.

Caveat emptor is the order of the day.


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On 2/26/2022 at 6:47 PM, Macnamara said:

Iain Davis's article continued...(with a focus on the part on Russia)


In terms of G3P partnerships, Russia’s is perhaps one of the closest to the WEF. The WEF’s annual Cyber-Polygon global cybersecurity training exercise is orchestrated by Bi.Zone, a subsidiary of Sberbank

Bi.Zone is responsible for designing and running the Cyber Polygon scenarios and exercises. Sberbank is a majority state owned Russian bank and is among the founding members of the WEF Centre For Cybersecurity (CCS).


Other CCS partners include leading US foreign Policy think-tank the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP), Europol (representing EU governments), INTERPOL, the Organisation of American States (representing the governments of the North and South American subcontinents), and national cyber security centres from Israel, the UK, Korea, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland (home of the BIS).

Of the many corporations involved in Cyber Polygon 2021, Russian companies formed the largest contingent from any single nation. In addition, the WEF partners with the St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF.) 

The SPIEF International Foundation was formed in St Petersburg in 1998 under the direction of Herman Gref. He was serving as vice governor of the city at the time. 

In 1993, Gref was also a close associate of Anotoly Sobchak in St Petersburg where Putin was Sobchak’s senior advisor. Gref is currently the CEO and Chairman of Sberbank.

In 2017, Schwab recognised that the SPIEF and Russia were global leaders on international regulation and stated:

“In the new economic environment and with due regard for the latest technological breakthroughs, we are faced with the need for new cooperation formats. [. . .] I am absolutely positive that Russia, as one of the leaders in responsible global regulation, must play a central role in determining new forms of co-existence in the era of the fourth industrial revolution.”

Russia and the SPIEF are part of the G3P network and are heavily involved in global cybersecurity and, in particular, the regulation of technology. It is clear that, through partners like the CFR, BMGF and the WEF, the Global Public-Private Partnership is pushing a global policy agenda supported by both sides of the East-West divide.

WEF assets, like Trudeau and other compromised officials, are positioned to ensure policy distribution is as frictionless as possible. The Russian and, as we shall see, Chinese governments are equally active stakeholders in the G3P’s global governance efforts.

If we believed the western MSM, this would present a seemingly unfathomable conundrum. While these nation states are G3P partners, we are told that they are also undermining the IRBO. Something doesn’t add up.

According to Reuters, European banks need to prepare for Russian cyber attacks. CBS claims the DHS are on full alert for the looming cyber war, while the UK media carried the same scary stories. Forbes reported that Russia had been waging a cyber war against the West for 20 years and the Guardian alleged that this was typical fare for the Russian Federation.

All of this seems extremely odd given that western global corporations such as IBM, Deutsche Bank and Santander were engaged in cyber polygon preparedness exercises that were largely run by a Russian state-owned bank. If any of the MSM’s claims are even remotely plausible, the industrial espionage risk alone would appear to have been off the charts.

Governments from across the western world participate in the WEF Cyber Security Centre which was founded, in part, by Sberbank. At the same time, they keep warning their populations about the danger of Russian cyber attacks.

Frankly, these Russian cyber-threat stories are puerile. The western governments and corporations, who appear to follow G3P orders to the letter, are seemingly content to be guided by a Russian state bank’s cybersecurity assessment and recommendations. 

A far more credible rationale for these MSM stories and government fearmongering is that they are designed to prepare us, and provide justification, for the digital transformation of the financial sector. In their 2020 cyber threats report, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP) stated that the pseudopandemic had necessitated this change.

In a barely concealed reference to Russia and China, the CEIP asserted that cyber attacks from nation states were inevitable. They then predicted that the response to this supposedly unavoidable attack would be to fuse the activities of banks, the financial authorities and the national security apparatus of nation states. 

Centralising authority, especially over financial systems, is always the solution as far as the G3P are concerned. Primarily because they assume the right to exercise that authority.


Sberbank Gets License From Russian Central Bank to Issue, Exchange Digital Assets

The approval comes a short while after the Bank of Russia had advocated for a full ban on the trading and mining of cryptocurrency.

Mar 17, 2022 at 7:21 p.m. GMT
Updated Mar 17, 2022 at 7:27 p.m. GMT

Russia’s Sberbank has received a license from the Bank of Russia to issue and exchange digital assets, just two months after the Russian central bank had advocated for a full ban on trading, mining and using cryptocurrency.

  • Sberbank, the country’s largest retail bank, recently said it was withdrawing from European markets after sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine began hitting Russian-exposed industries, and its Europe-based units were seeing cash outflows.
  • In January, Sberbank applied for a license with Russia’s central bank to issue its own digital token for corporate clients. Sberbank sought to have the digital asset available for the companies banking with it.



31 Mar, 2022 07:53
Russia gives US dollar a SWIFT kick
Moscow and New Delhi are discussing rupee-ruble payments altenative

The arrangement is expected to allow Indian exporters keep doing business with Russia despite the latest penalties that ban the use of the SWIFT interbank messaging system. It would allow India to continue purchases of Russian oil, weapons, and other goods.

Under the proposal, rubles will reportedly be deposited into an Indian bank and converted into rupees, and the same system will work in reverse. Russia also wants India to link its Unified Payments Interface with their MIR payments system for seamless use of cards issued by banks of both countries after Visa and Mastercard suspended operations in Russia.

Last year, India exported $3.3 billion worth of goods to Russia, mostly pharmaceutical products, tea, and coffee, and imported $6.9 billion worth of Russian products, including arms and defense goods, mineral resources, fertilizers, metals, diamonds, and other precious stones.

The world’s sixth biggest economy also imports Russian oil, with the country’s major refiner, Indian Oil Corp, increasing purchases over the past month.


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2 hours ago, Macnamara said:

David talks about the demolition of the west in order to shift global power east to create a technocratic world government along the totalitarian lines of the chinese government:

Posted on 30 March 2022

Everything Is Connected – David Icke




A young Klaus Schwab with his wife with Chinese officials





Opening the Door to China

"This was the beginning of a long relationship between the Forum and China, which has included official Chinese participation at Davos every year since"

History of WEF can be found here




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Sanctions On Russia Being Used To Hasten The Great Reset

Posted By: Kit Knightly via Off-Guardian (UK) April 1, 2022

Sanctions on Russia are killing the West, not Russia. Why? Because the war is not about Russia, but rather killing capitalism and Free Enterprise, which is a requirement for the Great Reset, aka Technocracy, to take over the world. This insightful article is a must read. ⁃ TN Editor

...the sweeping sanctions imposed against Russia by the West, allegedly in response to the invasion of Ukraine, are not having their stated aim – tanking the Russian economy – but they are driving up the price of oil, creating potential energy and food shortages in the West and exacerbating the “cost of living” crisis created by the “pandemic”.

You should always be wary of anybody – individual or institution – whose actions accidentally achieve the exact opposite of their stated aim. That’s a simple rule to live by.


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If there is a knight in shining armour out there ready to ride in and save us it ain't russia...

Apr 1, 2022

Russia & China approve Pfizer pill to treat “COVID” The Virus-fighting Big Pharma elixir is based on an HIV treatment. Weird.

Riley Waggaman

n March 25, TASS reported Russian pharmaceutical company Pharmasyntez, which produces Sputnik Light, was applying to manufacture a COVID drug based on a combination of nirmatrelvir and ritonavir.

At the end of 2021, Russia’s health ministry included this drug combo on its list of approved COVID treatments.

“Nirmatrelvir and ritonavir” is an antiviral drug developed by Pfizer under the brand name Paxlovid.

The Big Pharma behemoth has partnered with dozens of generic drugmakers around the world in order to supply 95 countries with the medication, which allegedly reduces COVID-attributed hospitalizations for “high-risk” individuals by 90%.

Pfizer, which negotiated a deal with the UN-backed Medicines Patent Pool (MPP), will not receive royalties from the sale of the generic versions of Paxlovid. Because Pfizer cares.


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3 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

If there is a knight in shining armour out there ready to ride in and save us it ain't russia...


Even if Russia was truly traditionalist and wholesome (which they're not), why do people even think they would want to save us? Why would they waste their time dividing us by supporting all sides of the culture war in the West if they cared about us?  It takes a lot of mental gymnastics to even entertain the idea of them giving a damn about us.

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2 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


Even if Russia was truly traditionalist and wholesome (which they're not), why do people even think they would want to save us? Why would they waste their time dividing us by supporting all sides of the culture war in the West if they cared about us?  It takes a lot of mental gymnastics to even entertain the idea of them giving a damn about us.


and now what have we got? europeans killing each other again

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