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Is Russia part of the New World Order?

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On 1/22/2024 at 9:53 PM, EnigmaticWorld said:





Zeist's images; https://twitter.com/RealZeist/status/1749546175672238349




Imagine going back to McCarthy era and telling people then that conspiracy theorists and truthers will stop caring about people subverting the West in future, and that a new Right will emerge with communist talking points.


Kremlinist Marjorie Green Taylor is one of the most annoying when it comes to this active measure bs. She's constantly pushing to weaken and isolate America with balkanization, and she's another fake anti-war spook that just points at the West and NATO.











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Looks like russians are in just as deep shit as we are.....God help us all....

Jan 31, 2024

Russia’s Fauci says arsenal of genetic vaccines will protect against “Disease X” Covid showed that “genetically engineered” injections can be safely deployed in six months, according to Gamaleya Center Director Alexander Gintsburg

Riley Waggaman

Gamaleya Center Director Alexander Gintsburg has called on Russia to develop genetic vaccine prototypes in anticipation of future public health crises.

To avoid another Covid-like pandemic, it is necessary to create a “national collection” of vaccine preparations designed to counter the “characteristics of possible pandemic pathogens”, Gintsburg said in an interview with TASS. Vaccine formulas can be “developed and created using certified and tested technology. Currently in our country such technology … is the technology used to make Sputnik V, that is, the technology of genetically engineered adenoviral vectors,” he explained.

The rapid deployment of vaccine preparations will play a crucial role in fighting a “possible pandemic pathogen, or ‘Disease X’ as they call it in Davos”, Gintsburg said, referring to recent discussions at the World Economic Forum about the arrival of a hypothetical “Disease X”.

The lead scientist behind Sputnik V told TASS that the Covid pandemic had demonstrated how safe and effective vaccines could be created not in decades, but in as little as five months. Ideally, vaccines should be administered to the public 1 to 1.5 months in advance to stop future pandemics from ravaging the population and the economy, Gintsburg said.


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In 2009, French Catholic priest accused Carlo Viganò of undermining Pope Benedict XVI and Vigano's cleric nephew of being an admirer of Communist Che Guevara

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Tortured, starved and crushed to death under trees in hell-hole North Korean labour camp: Horrific details of Kim Jong-un's gulags emerge in new documentary showing defectors trying to flee from hermit country


So let me get this straight, the West is evil but supporters of this shit are not?



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