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Is Russia part of the New World Order?

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A back channel between britains freemasons and putin's inner circle?



Prince Michael of Kent accused of selling access to Vladimir Putin

The royal's office says the Queen's cousin "has no special relationship with President Putin" after an undercover investigation.

Sunday 9 May 2021 13:54, UK

Prince Michael of Kent has been accused of being willing to use his royal status for personal profit, and to seek favours from Russian President Vladimir Putin, following an undercover investigation.

Undercover reporters, posing as investors from a South Korean business, were told the Queen's cousin could be hired for £10,000 a day to make "confidential" representations to Mr Putin's regime.


Channel 4's Dispatches programme, in collaboration with The Sunday Times, set up a fake South Korean gold firm called House of Haedong and approached five members of the Royal Family with an offer of work.

Dispatches and The Sunday Times said Prince Michael of Kent responded, expressing an interest in working with the business, telling undercover reporters that he would give House of Haedong his royal endorsement in a recorded speech for a $200,000 fee and would allow the use of his home in Kensington Palace as a backdrop.

Prince Michael takes no income from the civil list and earns a living as chairman of his own private company, which offers advice on a consultancy basis.



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