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Is Russia part of the New World Order?

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Lets examine the evidence.


Putin has often decried the wests pursuit of what he calls a 'unipolar world' and has instead called for a 'multipolar world'. The mainstream corporate news would have us believe that the US elites are at war with russia and yet there are signs that at the top the elites of both are colluding.


Take this covid-hysteria for example. This current non-crisis would have been the perfect opportunity for the russians to humiliate the west by calling out the fake covid narrative but instead they have pushed their own 'vaccine' onto the russian people and thereby have gone along with the world economic forum, 'great reset' agenda. Disturbing to watch as we look around the world for any sort of resistance to the globalist agenda

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Despite rock bottom relations back home on Earth, Russia & US embrace space partnership for another decade of rocket-sharing

5 Apr, 2021 15:30
Moscow has signed off on plans to extend an agreement that enables collaboration with the US in space, allowing Russian cosmonauts and American astronauts to go boldly into the skies together in the name of peaceful exploration.

On Saturday, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin approved the proposals, extending the agreement until the end of 2030. According to a missive from officials, it will underwrite “the exploration and the use of outer space for peaceful purposes” for the best part of the coming decade.

“This document is one of the main legal instruments that form the conditions for Russian-American cooperation in space exploration,” the government’s press service notes. “The extension of the agreement is in the interests of both parties and will contribute to the effective implementation of joint space projects.”


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WATCH as Russian Soyuz rocket launches 36 separate satellites into near-Earth orbit as part of joint mission with UK firm (VIDEO)

25 Mar, 2021 05:32 / Updated 23 days ago
After a successful launch, a Russian Soyuz rocket is on its way to low Earth orbit to drop off 36 satellites created by UK firm OneWeb, set to join a “constellation” of small devices designed to expand internet coverage worldwide.

Moscow’s space agency Roscosmos took to Twitter with a progress update late on Wednesday night, noting that the separation of the satellites had already begun, while also sharing an animation showing how the rocket booster will detach from the rest of the spacecraft.

#OneWeb: T+09:21 min → third stage cut-off and separation of the orbital block.In the next 3.5 hours according to the flight sequence, the spacecraft will separate from the booster. Stay tuned! pic.twitter.com/MEBbaiWV3X

— РОСКОСМОС (@roscosmos) March 25, 2021

The agency, as well as OneWeb itself, also released photos and videos of the rocket’s initial launch from the Vostochny Cosmodrome near the Russian town of Tsiolkovsky, which appeared to go off without a hitch. The launch marked the fifth Soyuz flight so far in 2021, according to Spaceflight Now.


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This plays into the globalist one world government technocratic agenda:

End of online anonymity? Russians may have to provide passport details when signing up to social media, under new government plans

25 Mar, 2021 10:56
Social networks and messenger apps that fail to request documents, addresses, and other identifying information from users setting up accounts could face fines under a draft law being prepared by Russia’s communications regulator.

The proposed amendments to personal data and privacy laws were published on Tuesday by government agency Roskomnadzor, which oversees online platforms. Under the plans, which are yet to be formalized, internet sites would have to collect passport details, phone numbers, street addresses, and emails when registering new users.

Data could be collected directly through a sign-up page, or through a standard ‘unified information system’ portal developed by Roskomnadzor. If companies fail to comply with these requirements, they could face fines of up to 100,000 rubles (USD$1,300), but existing users and accounts would be exempt from the rules.


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US imports record volumes of Russian oil despite growing political tensions

25 Mar, 2021 10:25
Tough talk on energy issues doesn’t stop the US from purchasing a record share of Russian crude in 2020. American refineries reportedly loaded 538,000 barrels of Russian crude and oil products daily, breaking a decade-old record.

According to the data tracked by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), the US has bought the most Russian crude since 2011, when the import volumes or Russian oil totaled 624,000 barrels per day (bpd).

In 2020, Russia became the third-largest oil supplier to the US, outpacing Saudi Arabia, world’s biggest exporter, according to Bloomberg calculations based on customs and EIA data. Russia’s share of American oil exports currently stands at a record-high seven percent.


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Cyber Polygon 2021: Globalists Run Simulation Of a Coming “Cyber Pandemic” To Prepare For Economic Reset

by Jamie White

The globalists are setting the stage for the Great Reset with an upcoming high-profile simulation targeting cyber attacks against major financial institutions.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) will team up with the Russian government and global banks this July to simulate a major supply-chain “cyberpandemic” that could potentially “bring down the entire system.”

The simulation, called Cyber Polygon 2021, was announced by Russia’s largest state-run bank Sberbank in February.

Cyber Polygon 2021 is the annual continuation of last year’s Cyber Polygon 2020 event, which included Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, and participants like WEF founder Klaus Schwab, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, and about 20 other members of the political elite.

Additionally, the Washington establishment, which has been constantly blaming Russia for “hacking” the 2016, didn’t seem to see a problem with letting the Russian government probe the world’s cybersecurity infrastructure for weaknesses.

“The complete absence of the ‘Russian hacker’ narrative at Cyber Polygon as well as Russia’s leadership role at the event suggests either that a geopolitical shift has taken place or that the Russian hacker narrative commonly deployed by intelligence agencies in the US and Europe is mainly meant for the general public and not for the elite figures and policymakers in attendance at Cyber Polygon,” Unlimited Hangout reported.



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No, russia is not wanting to be run by america.


Russia wanted to join nato in 1990's, as equal partner. America said no, and has no intention of sharing the world with either russia, or china.


Russia does not want how america runs west in there country. What ever the system is that is run there, russia does not want it.


They conned russia to end cold war, and it was supposed to make for a better world. After they ended cold war, russia tried to join nato, and america refused. During bill clinton years, they were worried yeltsin would fire nukes at america, and once bill clinton even said, there policy would be if that happened, that usa would take 1, without all out response. There was a real danger as russia was collasping in 1990's under yeltsin, that russia would fire of nukes at america. Of course they did not.


Americans ideas for russia, was to let it be ruined in 1990's by mafia crime, and terrorism, so eventually america would come in and liberate russia from these things, and america would steal russia, and split it up, as they did with yugoslavia.


America conned russia to end cold war, and yeltsins russia was slowly being ruined by america, with america thinking tehy would liberate russia one day.


Then by end of 1990s, putin got in, and started getting all the pro american out of power positions, and by start of century, was slowly turning russia around.


At turn of century russian military was in shambles, and there weapons and nukes were threadbare, meaning they were gone, and america never considered that russia ever again would be a world voice, or force. Even putin himself doubted at this time, russia would be coming back to position where it is today. Slowly but surely russia came back, and in 2011, finally was back in some sort of position to say no to america, in syria.


It truly has been a wild few decades for russia, and they should be so grateful that putin turned there country around, and putin himself would admit, that at turn of century russia was practically failing so bad, i doubt he ever could see them back to where they are today.


Putin and his people did a great job, and they should remember what plans america had for them, and how america conned them to end cold war, and then virtually ruined there country in 1990's, trying to ruin russia into nothingness.


That is some of history of russia, over these decades you may not know.


People should be glad that russia came from, from being a virtual failed state in 1990s, where by turn of century there country and military had been turned into a disaster by pro americans willing to sell out there country. Putin got in, and got pro americans out of power, and led russia back, to a place of pride, and world position, where they can speak in this world, a world where america never thought they would see a russia again, speaking on world stage.


By the way, america thought 21st century would be just them, and a cornered in china. The ptb running america viewed china as uncontrollable, and viewed only all out war could conquer them. Chinese only made illegal cannibalism in last century. Those running america, viewed china as a place thats beyond becoming civil. They viewed that 21st century would be just america and allies, hemming in a china, by themselves. They never considered russia would ever be back.


America only perceived big war at turn of century was for them against china later, as they viewed them as too uncivil a people to join in the world that america wanted. America never saw russia being back, and america having to go at it with russia.

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Is Russia part of the New World Order? 


I think so yes.

Looking at geopolitics through the geopolitical spectrum will only return evidence of geopolitical spin.


The nature of authoritarianism is based on the corruption of morality. Authorities continuance is fully dependant on collaboration/mutual support.

Bread and circuses for our benefit, the whole façade.


Education compromises our ability to recognise authoritarianism by teaching us the façade is real.


As you say - the present mass hysteria caused by the hyper-sensationalism from the media over cov2 provided ample opportunity for Russia to display moral superiority in all manner of ways but instead aligned with the globalist narrative.


It appears that the whole of earth history is replete with experiments in authoritarianism that are ongoing.

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Some people say that the wests belligerance towards russia is turning russia towards china but that just plays right into the hands of the NWO because china is the cabals technocratic testbed. Everything they are testing in china from social credit scores to mass surveillance and biomettrics they intend to role out in the west too


Some people then cite the creation of the BRICS banks as a sign that russia and china are breaking from the NWO but the BRICS bank uses all the same infrastructure as the western central banks so it is NOT independent

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Shift to china except china was built up by the rothschild cabal.....china IS the new world order...

Russia slashes dollar & euro from reserves in favor of gold & yuan

6 May, 2021 13:54
The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) said in its annual report that in 2020 it reduced the share of the euro, the dollar and the pound in the country's international reserves in favor of gold, yuan and other currencies.

Thus, the share of the euro in Russia’s forex reserves decreased over the past year by 1.6 percentage points to 29.2% as of January 1. The share of the greenback dropped 3.3 percentage points, to 21.2%. The British pound’s share was also slightly down – by 0.2 percentage points, to 6.3%.

At the same time, Russia’s gold reserves surged to 23.3% from 19.5% a year earlier. The Chinese currency also saw a boost, with yuan holdings growing to 12.8%. The share of other foreign currencies increased by 0.8 percentage points to 7.2%, the regulator said.



Click on link to watch the corbett report podcast of the following title, which details the role of the skull and bonesmen behind the CIA who put Mao into power in china:

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1 hour ago, Moonlight said:


the Russian took Hitlers skull after WW2 ended to spread the rumour that he survived the war and fled over the ratlines to South America



I don't know what happened to him, but I believe that more than most of the post-war stories we hear about him.

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