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Connect The Dots - The BIG Picture

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The Big Picture, with everything going on in the world today it is easy to get lost in the seemingly chaotic confusion and then just decide to hang sense of it all and say the world is crazy and only God knows.


However there are several things which occasionally, like a crazy Jigsaw puzzle, fit together and make sense out of the chaos.


  • UFO


The Pentagon is releasing more and more videos of UFO sighting with the current blurry releases being only the tip of the iceberg. This July the Pentagon will release a report headed by the Trump administration. Would advanced technology or discovery and invitation to a Galactic Council of sentient humanoid peoples from other planets finally allow man's small minded lonely sense of self within the universe to finally mature to where or differences are but similarities in the face of Galactic Politics. Man, its time to grow up!


  • Riots


Riots in democratic run cities may end up pushing businesses and white/republicans out of them creating the perfect environment to create new cities based on local laws.


  • BIG Tech


Big Tech, Bilderberg and ThinkTanks may be looking for a new paradigm for what a City can be. With new technology, high speed rail, communal housing, travel, worl and communal consumer consumption, these new high tech super cities will be a paradise for some and may be a dystopian nightmare for others. It always depends on the will and the resistance.


  • Virus & Vaccines


Maybe there is Covid, maybe its been blown out of proportion with high PCR cycles giving false positives barley justifying the ridiculous control measures such as face masks, lockdowns and social distancing... So why and what where the advantages. Well, for one nature had a good reset, two it gave information on population vs climate change, with most people locked down one could say we had an effective population of say 800,000,000, 1 in 10. It also initiated changes in how we work, learn, teach, communicate and live together.


The Vaccines, well what can be said for them with the CDC reporting so many side effects that are seemingly becoming worse and more frequent and with vaccines meant to work for life so who knows what diseases may occur in months, years, decades no-one knows and no-one could know because we've never tried them before on humans successfully and now we have about 6 of these unknown drugs to choose from. Remember Thalidomide, that was hailed as a wonder cure and was later found to be very dangerous and now with mRNA technology in its infancy when it comes to humans and yet there being mass inoculations.


'Taking a risk is one thing, but taking a risk without knowing the odds, is another'.



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David has already sort of pointed it out, a lot of lightworkers know it too. Essentially the UFO reveal might be due to their reptoid/whatever overlords returning out in the open because of the Ascension event making things very up in the air for their control. The huge pushes for outwards control is indeed a prison planet lockdown agenda pushing a technocracy while seemingly the ruling elite want to depart with their masters of whom are 'Archon' controlled and influenced to another planet.


They've already sort of went with their huge move to possibly sterilize and kill off a vast amount of human beings in addition to doing as much as they can to keep people in a state of ignorance and fear. However not all is lost, essentially as hippie and silly as it may sound love and positive spectrum frequency repels the 'Archon' hivemind. Simply becoming aware, doing your best and being a vibrating spectrum of anti-thesis to them all makes you unable to be food for them energetically. The other thing is awareness that comes with vibing at the right spectrum allows for a rebuilding of humanity in a positive direction.


To think theoretically that this experience in duality, that the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil's symbiology is so potent right now. We see the perversion of mudras, of sacred teachings in the mystery schools of those who are guided by the archonian presences and negative spectrum ET's. We see the revisions to history, the omitting of information, the diving of nations and peoples all for a purpose. Divide and conquer are truthfully one of the foe's greatest weapons but the sheer KEY to uniting is going within to the I am. People call it the Christ Consciousness, or the Heart Chakra, the Holy Spirit, the Violet Flame. This within is the first starting key for everyone here, that and the power of the voice to speak out "I only allow that which is my highest good." To also release that which is no longer needed. 


Ralph Smart, a very awake man who has a gentle and eye opening way of subtly waking people the hell up. David, Ralph, Teal and many many others do amazing work as to wake people the hell up. Ultimately the truth is stranger than fiction..

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