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Following David’s recent video, I am trying to find evidence or articles that substantiate the claim that Mountbatten was a pedophile. 

I don’t dispute David’s claim, however I have family members who do. I am trying to wake them up. 

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This is a rabbit hole that goes deep into the british establishment


It's one of those areas where we get to see the cabal networks influence stretching into various areas of british life. So on one hand we see the british royals involved, then we see connections to the marxist soviets and to pedophilia which in turn connects people like jimmy saville and jeffrey epstein which then segways back into the british royal family


To understand this you need to understand that the british royal family are kabbalistic-sabbatean-jews who are descended from the knights templar network who were kabbalistic ceremonial magician crypto-jews


The british establishment is completely FREEMASONIC and freemasonry is at its core kabbalistic ceremonial magic. It descends from the knights templar who set themselves up in britain 1000 years ago and have gained total control over the last 1000 years.


They also created the city of london banking district which also ties into this rabbit hole because it sits at the centre of a global money laundering and tax avoidance scheme which hides all of the cabals dirty money gained through their control of the worlds commodities: oil, currency, sex and drugs


The police launched an investigation into the haute de la garenne childrens home on the tax haven island of jersey. Jimmy saville was revealed in a photo in the sun newspaper as having visited the childrens school and david icke and others have claimed that savilles role was to procure children for the freemasonic elite who ritually abused them and murdered them in satanic rituals


The prime minister ted heath who signed britain into what became the EU has also been accused of being a pedophile who took children from the haute de la garenne school aboard his yacht the 'morning cloud'


Tead heath further ties into marxist agents within the british establishment who were publically outed in various high profile scandals such as the profumo affair. A ring of marxist, soviet spies now called the 'cambridge five' were exposed and they were also involved in british intelligence, the gay community and the elite oxbridge universities. The fifth man who is never named is in my opinion Victor Rothschild who himself was a british intelligence officer.


I personally would not view the situation as a KGB infiltration of the british establishment because the truth is that the british establishment are fabian socialists and the rothschild cabal wall street bankers were the people who created the soviet in the first place as documented by prof anthony sutton in his book 'wall st and the bolshevik revolution'


What the cabal did was create a phoney war between state-capitalism which they controlled through a 'command and control' economy run through their creation and control of central banks and communism which they created through their asset karl marx who was from a line of kabbalist rabbis and who was in my opinion a sabbatean.


This phoney war, named at that time as 'the cold war', served to create a fake conflict out of which the cabal hoped to create a third way society called TECHNOCRACY. This method of achieving change was named by the philosopher Hegel the 'dialectic'. The sabbatean banksters sons from frankfurt studied directly under hegel at berlin university.


The pedophile rings appear to serve a dual purpose. One is satanic ritual and the other is blackmail. If people who serve the cabal are compromised through involvement in pedophilia the cabal is then able to blackmail them into always towing the line and never revealing the cabals agendas.


The idea of top level collusion over the iron curtain is tantalisingly alluded to in the michael caine spy thriller the '4th protocol' where a british spychief and a soviet spychief are seen having a covert tryst towards the end of the movie.


The method of elite blackmail is also alluded to in movies for example a senator is drugged in the 'godfather' trilogy and then photographed in bed in a compromising situation with hookers in order to strong arm him into compliance on the mafias scheme. The initiation ritual of the 'skull and bones' held in their clubhouse known as 'the tomb' was depicted in the matt damon movie 'the good shepherd' where he depicts the cold war spychief james jesus angleton; the aim of the initiation being to tell fellow club members personal secrets that can then be held over them in the future to ensure their continued loyalty. The jeffrey epstein scandal revealed that he was able to operate unimpeded by the law for years because he was said to be 'intelligence' which is to say that his pedo activities were a blackmail operation and his homes and plane were said to contain concealed cameras created to catch high level people like bill clinton and prince andrew in compromising situations.


That whole operation ties into the bronfman mafia family which has been covered well by the journalist whitney webb.

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An interesting article looking at many aspects of this tangled web:

Keeler Concealer: the British Establishment’s severe embarrassment at the depth of the Soviet Union’s penetration of MI5 and MI6.

by admin 28 January, 2020, 8:40 pm 1 Comment

By David Burke

The BBC’s lavish Christine Keeler drama concealed her claim that the Director-General of MI5 was a Soviet mole and ignored what she knew about the infidelities of Prince Philip. The real story is one of treachery, depravity, judicial corruption and the sexual abuse of children by VIPs such as Lord Mountbatten.


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3 hours ago, Adam Johnson said:

Following David’s recent video, I am trying to find evidence or articles that substantiate the claim that Mountbatten was a pedophile. 

I don’t dispute David’s claim, however I have family members who do. I am trying to wake them up. 


Welcome to the forum Adam.


Even in the mainstream it is known that Mountbatten was a paedophile. The Mail on Sunday, the Sunday Times and the Sun have covered Mountbatten's abuse of young boys following the release of a secret FBI dossier compiled by agents looking for dirt on him - see links below.








In 2019 a book called 'The Mountbattens' was written by historian Andrew Lownie which connected Mountbatten specifically to Kincora boys' home in Belfast and which is widely regarded as well researched. The book was based on over 100 interviews, research from dozens of archives and new information released under Freedom of Information requests. Regarding the Kincora scandal, the book included two interviews with two unnamed men who describe being brought from the home in 1977 to Lord Mountbatten and then of the abuse he perpetrated on them. Another writer, Robin Bryans, also linked Mountbatten, along with Anthony Blunt, to Kincora in April 1990 and reported this in Dublin based magazine 'Now'.






DI had said for years before the release of Lownie's book that Mountbatten was involved in the Kincora paedophile ring scandal and certainly incuded this in 'The Perception Deception'. He also reveals how Savile was brought into the royal family's fold by Lord Mountbatten (Commandant General of the Royal Marines) and how Savile was the first civilian to be awarded the first Marines' Green Beret. On speaking of this honour, Savile said that:



Coming from Lord Louis, who was the favourite uncle of Prince Philip, that was quite something. So obviously I hooked up with the Prince - what was good enough for Lord Louis was good enough for him.


Hopefully this should help show some of Lord Mountbatten's links to paedophile rings and other known abusers such as Savile and Blunt.



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Bare in mind this is the same britsh establishment that is now ramming experimental covid-injections down the throats of the british public...


 An ex-military whistleblower claims there’s been a decades-long cover-up over institutionalised child abuse

Tom Coburg
24th January 2017

Former army information officer and whistleblower Colin Wallace has condemned the findings of the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry. The inquiry found no evidence that security agencies were complicit in child sex abuse that took place at Kincora Boys Home, Northern Ireland.

But Wallace claims that the British government knew about security services’ alleged involvement in the abuse for decades and did nothing. And The Canary has seen documents which appear to back up his claims.

The Kincora scandal

Joseph Mains, Raymond Semple and William McGrath ran Kincora boys’ home in East Belfast. The latter was a leader of Tara, an extremist Protestant paramilitary organisation. All three were jailed in 1981 for abusing 11 boys.

Special Branch officers reportedly saw the former head of Britain’s MI6, Sir Maurice Oldfield, associating with boys from Kincora. And former intelligence officer Brian Gemmell has alleged in the past that MI5 used Kincora as a blackmail lever. Gemmell claims that, in 1975, MI5 put a stop to an investigation into the abuse. Also, attempts by Royal Ulster Constabulary officers to interview a senior MI5 official about the scandal failed.

read on here https://www.thecanary.co/global/2017/01/24/ex-military-whistleblower-claims-theres-decades-long-cover-institutionalised-child-abuse/


British Intelliugence officer colin wallace spoke on Tv in the 'after dark' programme about the blackmail operation run by british intelligence in ireland

Colin Wallace in the programme: After Dark - Secrets (1987)


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